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I'm sooo delighted you're here. I applaud your decision to visit this site.

Simply, a donation is your way of expressing your thanks for the career/resume/self-development tools you've received here at eResumes4Vips.

Moreover, the Universe suggests that we receive when we give. In other words, what goes around...comes around.

Giving, Donating,
& Steve Pavlina

I haven't always been a 'Giver.' Lately though, I've been reading the blog ramblings of Steve Pavlina.

Steve is the self-styled guru of online personal development. Maybe...Maybe not. Yet, it's pretty hard to argue with a web publisher and blogger that attracts 1,000,000 visitors per month.

That said, I have learned so much from Steve's Blog...personal development, self-development, and how to effectively monetize a website (get money). Come close, I'll whisper the money secret in your ear...

CREATE GREAT CONTENT! (oops, sorry...that was shouting, wasn't it) Offer site visitors my all and best. If it's good to great, I'll be rewarded. If not, Get Better...Right?

In Steve's own words: "If something is important enough to you that you feel the urge to donate your money or time to it, I think it’s best to try to express that form of giving through your career, not just as something you do on the side.

If you enjoy your volunteering and charitable activities more than your career, it means your career is in serious need of an upgrade. In my opinion your career should be your best outlet for giving."

Finally, after borrowing some great website monetization strategies from Steve, I was ready to ask You, my eResumes4Vips Visitors for a donation.

The amount of your donation is up to you...based upon your own appreciate & gratitude for the information received here. Let your heart & love be your guide for your gifting. What about Me and Steve? Did I send him a donation? Reminder: "What goes around...comes around!" Need I say more?

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Nothing feels as good to us and/or to others as gratitude. Yet the feelings of gratitude are merely a taste, the evidence, and not the substance. Gratitude …

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The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army stands ready to help

In my opinion, No Social Agency gives more to society than that of The Salvation Army. Ok, I'm biased...My lovely wife of +28 years and I were married by a Salvation Army officer (Ardmore, Oklahoma).

We were in love, but Dead Broke. {how broke were we? we couldn't even rub two nickels together to tell a more funnies; I'll stick to resumes).

Today, I'm still not rich (yet) nor am I flat broke. Yet, the Salvation Army continues to hold a special place in my heart. In addition to (or rather than) giving to this site, visit the Salvation Army website. Scan their webpages...make a donation.

Salvation Army (Austin, Texas-USA)

Donate to Salvation Army

Donate to Salvation Army

Additionally, 12.5% of all donations received here for eResumes4Vips will be shared with the Salvation Armies of Central Texas-USA.

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Religion is a Cornerstone of our existence. Career seekers sometimes must reach into something deeper and bigger than oneself...

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