Use The Net To
Do Something You Love!


What other tool, available to you at home, provides you with the opportunity...
* to share your knowledge and passion with people from all around the world?
* to work with complete flexibility around your family without a boss, deadlines, quotas or... an updated wardrobe?
* to make some extra money to help buy braces, or pay for piano lessons, or save for college education, or go on a family vacation?

A washing machine won't do it. A shovel won't. Using your car for evening catalog delivery won't either.

But a Web site that tells other moms how to organize their time, their home and the washing will do it.

So will a Web site inviting your visitors to step into your own online garden, full of tips and tricks about herbs, fruits or exotic plants for beginners looking for advice on garden features or design.

Or so will a site so bursting with information about skin care, cooking or health that eventually you won't need to rely on catalog delivery any more. Your customers will come to you instead.

With over 56 million sites all clamoring for attention, you're right to wonder how you could stand out in the world of the Internet. But, as with any other tool you use, it all depends how you use it.

Common Sense, Imagination, Step By Step, Reward. Do these words mean anything to you?

Of course, they do! You understand these words deeply as you go about the business of raising your family. You make hundreds of sensible, basic decisions every day. You know the power of imagination - you see its spark when your children suddenly realize that there's a whole wide world out there.

And you certainly know that the most fruitful things in this life take time and effort to grow!

And the reward? The same as always... you cannot put a price on it.

Apply these simple concepts to running a business on the Web and before you even start, you'll be way ahead of most of your "competition."

A business?

Yes! A business is something you do. You spend time on it. You work at it. You grit your teeth when things are hard. You feel wonderful when you finally see results! Believe it or not, you're already in business - the business of investing in the needs of your family, day in, day out.

You have a permanent contract that puts you "on call" 24 hours a day. You have tasks and responsibilities that require a range of skills to fulfill them. And your aim is to make that "family" business as successful as you possibly can.

So why not start another business of your own?
Build A Successful Online Business...

You get the flexibility you need. The Net is open 24/7 so you can fit your business hours around your family schedule, if you want. Early in the morning before breakfast, during afternoon naptime or in the stillness of the night, you decide when you are going to work on your Web site.

An online business is the perfect way to do something for yourself and get paid for it! The positive effects will last much longer than a one hour spa treatment. And only your child's laughter will thrill you more than the tens, then hundreds, then thousands of visitors to your site, daily.

Choose a theme that speaks to you, that engages your mind and soul. And then build your business around it. You may already know what you want to do or you may need some time to figure it out. Perhaps it's been so long that you have forgotten what it is that you actually love to do!

Once you have that building block, what else do you need?
* enthusiasm, motivation and creativity
* the ability to work hard, learning as you go along
* patience and forethought.

Just like raising a family, building a successful site takes time. Block by block, page by page, day by day. Slow and steady.

You also need the right guidance and the right tools, at an affordable price. You don't have the time or money to waste on gimmicks or false promises. Whatever you spend money on, it must produce results. Site Build It! Is Your Solution.

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