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Are You Expecting Miracles?
January 28, 2010
Dear Friends,

Have You Given Up?

Question of the day: Have you given up? I mean, have you stopped believing in magic...Christmas? Why...

Too many times, we stop believing in the magic of positive expectation because we've met disappointment. Again and again...Right?

Last week, I was listening to Dr Joe Vitale (The Secret). He spoke about, "The What If Up! Game." Instead of saying, What if (bad stuff); replace it with "What If Up"!

1) What If I get the New Job Call Today...
2) What If I receive an unexpected severance check from...
3) What If I stumbled upon a new entrepreneurial partnership with...

The possibilities are endless. Bottom-line: Choose to Be Positive versus Negative. It's a choice People. ~With Love, Andre (aka eResumes4Vips)

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