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April 17, 2010
Dear Friends,

You Can Have What You Say

You Can Have What You Say! Heard a Man say that last week while I attended my Weight Loss Support Group (I want to lose 20 pounds). Another member was perturbed because her battle with losing weight wasn't going well. BTW, weight is only a number on a scale. But I digress...where was I? Oh yeah.

The Man said, You can hav...It blew me away! So Powerful, So Simple, So True! I can hear you saying, "there goes that eResumes4Vips publisher-guy going again with his New-Age-Positive-Garr-Barr-Jaa." But it's true; I'll prove it to ya.

"I can't do That! or You will Never do that. Ever heard that; sure you have. Was it a self-fulfilling prophecy? Of course it was. What about this, instead. "Anything that He/She/They can do, I can do Better! What Happened? You Did it..didn't you.

Apply this Truth! to your career, relationships, Your Life. Try it...never mind. Do it! Do It Now! Believe, Achieve, and Receive. You Can Have What You Say...

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Always, in closing, my motto is..."The Possibilities are Endless!" Bottom-line: Choose to Be Positive versus Negative. It's a CHOICE, People. ~With Love, Andre (aka eResumes4Vips); 'The Encouragement Guy!'

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