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Your Story

What's Your Story? What's so unique you? Moreover, The Universe (God, Allah, The Great Spirit, Yahweh, etc...) created us all in HIS/HER own image. Thereby making All of Us, uniquely-gifted co-creators on this planet.

Another way of looking at this is that we owe a debt to each other. Once we've experienced some good or great (job promotion, layoff, self-employment, cancer, new love, etc.), the Universe demands that the information be passed on.

Of course, your privacy must be maintained and secured, yet the information must flow outward like a river.

It's True! Everyone has a story -- to tell --. It's also been said: Almost everyone has a book within them. I'm not sure about that one, but...

Taking a page out of the Facebook play-book, audience-generated content is the new wave. The Nouveau cuisine --Soup de jour. Amazingly, audiences (views, site-visitors, etc) Love to strut their stuff.

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Ordinary persons with a secret penchant for literary expose'; having an unbridled passion to write, are submitting articles to numerous publications.

The very rise of Blogging, has produced a new cottage niche industry of it's own. What about me? Well, that speaks for itself. Because here I am, producing content --the Good, Bad, and Ugly. Not even sure if anyone is reading this dribble much less giving a hoot.

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