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A Pharmacy Technician Sample Resume That Fills Your Prescription.

A Pharmacy-Technician Sample Resume is your starting point for moving into the high demand and lucrative pharmacy medical services business.

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Pharmacy Technician
Sample Resume for Success

Oprah Winfrey McCain (fictious pharmacy-technician sample-resume snippet)

0001 Wall Street
Manhattan, NY

A Pharmacy Technician position utilizing my skills within a community hospital setting.


  • Computed charges for medication and equipment dispensed to hospital patients, and entered data in computer (Externship, tbd).
  • Delivered medications and pharmaceutical supplies to patients, nursing stations and surgery (Externship, tbd).

  • Pharmacy-Technician-Sample-Resume includes performing pharmaceutical and general merchandise support services for a drugstore.
  • Operated cash registers to accept payment from customers (Externship, tbd).

Education: Pharmacy Tech University of Wall Street

Licensure & Certification:
Pharmacy Technician (Candidate),February, 2029 (Projected)

  • Relevant Coursework included Medical Pharmacology, Body Systems & Anatomy, Medication (scripts) Order Distribution.
  • Over 120 externship hours of training on within a hospital pharmacy setting.

Computers: Thorough understanding of pharmacy technician sample resume (Microsoft Excel & Word). Well-versed with Hospital Intranet Patient prescription order protocol.

Teamwork: Skilled at organizing complex projects and defining project priorities previously gained as the executive assistant position to Mrs. Obama.

  • Fluent in 3 languages; English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese with both conversational and 8th grade readability.

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Employment History:
Michelle Obama's "Little People Academy", Chicago, IL
Executive Assistant, 2005 to 2007

California PTCB (Candidate, Dec 2019)

References: Excellent professional references; Pharmacy-Technician Sample Resume available upon request.

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The PTCB and ICPT, are the two organizations accredited to test technicians for competency. One of the most important things that you can do to improve you marketability is to pass an exam given by a pharmacy technician accrediting organization.

Of course, this requirement is in addition to having a pharmacy-technician sample resume at-the-ready...

The help you prepare and learn more about pharmacy technician accrediting, complete your pharmacy-technician sample resume and check out the Free Resources at Pharmacy Tech Resources.

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