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Are you on a career search mission? Career Change Resume Writing may be the hardest thing you've ever done.

No, I don't have a Magic Blue Pill; nor am I a Genie-in-a-Bottle. However, I have both my T-Shirt and am a Card-Carrying Member of the Been There and Done That Club!

Moreover, I've LITERALLY done it all... From Military Service to Multi-Level-Marketing to Insurance Selling. Within each of those "occupations," I needed a systematic plan-of-action for my career change resume writing. That's Why you're here with me, right now at eResumes4Vips...

Getting Started with Career Change Resume Writing

This web page section's Career-Change-Resume Writing tips will apply to the following professionals:

Military Personnel
Transitioning to Civilian Life

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  • Persons seeking Federal Job Employment.
  • Down-sized Workers (Blue and White Collar);
    including I/T technicians.
  • Retirees exiting the active workforce into Civic or Community Service.

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"Time to {Career} Change America!"

The US Presidential race, 2008 National Democractic Convention, made me think about career-change-resume writing. That's a "stretch", I hear you saying.

Maybe not...this is an awesome time in our political history. For America and for the International World community. An African-American has a shot at becoming an American President! More surreal than a feature film movie. I call it, Andre's Law of the What-If.

Furthermore, a savvy female was a top contender for the nomination. Come to think of it, a woman (Governor of the State of Alaska?) maybe the first female Vice-President of the United States of America? Now That will definitely require a job update CV! Maybe she'll contact me to update her Career-Change-Resume Writing portfolio... Ya think?

Senator Obama's acceptance speech was themed, "Time to Change America." The USA Today ran the story with a smiling and waving
Barack Obama on a platform facing 85,000 exuberant people.

Yes, "Time to Change America!" Further, maybe it's time to reinvent your life and vocation with the help of eResumes4Vips...

Struggling with your career-change-resume writing template or job resume? Here's how to get your telephone ringing off the hook with more top job interview requests faster and easier than you could ever imagine...

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