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Career Search is Very Scary! Often we feel a 'Loss of Control!' I know I did (year 2001) when I found myself jobless. Nevertheless, you can take back your power. How?

Simply, you must separate your self-worth from that of your employment status. Girls and Boys, It's a Mind Game.... Well sorta; there ain't nothin mental about losing your home, food on the table, being on welfare.

Fair enough, but I'm tellin ya...Your own mind wants to sell you a bill of goods. Career search choices drive your job search.

The key to changing careers successfully is to be absolutely clear about your career choices and career options so that you can implement a targeted job search strategy.

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What You Control

These were contrasting reactions to the same event. The bellman felt powerless and stressed-out while the room service staffer was calm and taking action. It reminded me of an experiment discussed in a recent issue of Time magazine about stress.

In the experiment, two rats were locked in a cage. One was able to decide when he wanted to exercise and the other had to run his wheel whenever his counterpart did.

The first rat grew new brain cells, the second one lost them. [Very similar to a real career search]

If both were exercising, why did one rat lose brain cells while the other gained? The answer? Control. It's what many of us already know about our own work.

According to the Time article, "Psychologists have known for years that one of the biggest factors in how we process stressful events is how much control we have over our lives.

As a rule, if we feel we're in control, we cope. If we don't, we collapse." [Career Search is about taking back your power or control].

Neither man at that Maui resort could control if the tourists came, the conventions were filled, or the weddings booked.

Neither had power over how many room-nights were canceled because of challenging economic times. And neither could impact how many hours a week they were scheduled based on business needs.

So, we might think they were like that second rat in the stress experiment - forced to respond to their work-events without an ability to control them.

And that's the reaction many people who are not winning at working have. They think what's happening to them "is out of their hands," they "can't do anything about it," or "there's no way out."

--'We often sabotage our career search before it even begins'--eResumes4Vips

But people who are winning at working understand, like that room service staffer, some things they can control and some they can't. They focus on the ones they can. [This is Powerful Career Search beefcake].

People who are winning at working may not control if they're only working one day a week, but they do control whether that one day of work is exceptional.

Exceptional service brings bigger tips. And in this case, there was no question which person at that resort was getting those.

You may not be able to control if your job gets cut, but you can control whether you're a high performer who your boss is fighting to keep.

Career Search Wrap-up

You may not be able to control how quickly you get another job, but you can control the number of daily contacts you make in your search and how you "show up," future-focused, at the interview.

You may not be able to control the amount of work you get, but you do control whether you're responding as a victim or taking action toward developing your skills and contacts for a new future.

People who are winning at working ascribed to composer Irving Berlin's philosophy, "Life is 10 percent what you make it, and 90 percent how you take it," he said.

This is a pretty good time to be focusing on that ninety percent... {Good Will Hunting with Your Career Search!}

Your career goals probably occupy the largest part of your day and in most cases is the main source of your income – so having goals for your career is important for financial security and your own personal happiness and satisfaction.

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