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Need a Loan Officer Resume? Are you a Casualty of the housing meltdown? An eResumes4Vips Loan-Officer-Resume that will Start Up a Job App.

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Housing Meltdown! Who would have thought it would be this bad? eResumes4Vips is here to hold your hand for your next executive job position preparation. A Mortgage Loan Officer Resume is our niche specialty.

Before you know it, you will soon be taking apps again. "Where's my sandwich? I know; it's buried under all of these new loan apps on my desk"...

A High Interest
Mortgage Loan Officer Resume 

Timothy Geitner

609 Harrison St

Phoenix, AZ


OBJECTIVE: A Commission-based, Branch Manager position as a Mortgage Banker in a Fortune 1000 Financial Services corporation.



  • Self-starting, goal-oriented strategist whose confidence, perseverance and vision promote success
  • Received Branch Manager of the Year (2006) award for Superior Loan Production ($25 Million)
  • Generated $125 Million of career mortgage loan production


  • Decentralized Loan committee approval procedures
  • Evaluated annual performance appraisals for 7 mortgage lending assistants
  • Formalized loan underwriting review checklists
  • Forecasted staff hiring to pace loan production demands eResumes4Vips to write your resume

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Bush & Paulson Mortgage & Associates, Dry Gulch, AZ
Branch Manager, Mortgage Banker June 2004 to May 2008

  • Specialized expertise with Veterans Administration (VA) and Interest-Only Mortgage lending
  • Reviewed approved mortgage loans to determine if conditions were met prior to closing, such as purchase of private mortgage insurance
  • Was instrumental in moving Firm's business model from Single-family residential to that of Commercial Property lending
  • Supervised and managed a 10 person staff for my privately-owned firm

Bank of America, Sierra Vista, AZ
Mortgage Lending Branch Manager Jan 1999 to May 2004

  • Recommended approval of customer applications for lines and extension of lines of credit, commercial loans, real estate loans, consumer credit loans and credit card accounts.

  • Interviewed 150 applicants and requested specified information for loan application.

  • Analyzed applicants' financial status, credit and property evaluation to determine feasibility of granting loans.

  • Trained and managed an 8 mortgage processing team and achieved a measureable 60% improvement in their productivity.

  • Selected information, including company financial statements and balance sheets, and recorded data on spreadsheet.

  • Compared liquidity, profitability, credit history and cash with other companies of same industry, size and geographic location.

  • Approved loans within specified limits and referred loans to loan committee for approval.

University of Phoenix; Phoenix, AZ
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), 1998
Served as President of Arizona Association of Mortgage Brokers and Bankers, 2004-2005.

Hey, if you asked Donald Trump, "What does this recession mean for Real Estate Investing?" He'd say...

Personal Info Needed
At Your Loan App Appt

After successfully securing the job with your eResumes4Vips loan officer resume, it's time to meet loan prospects and take an app...or two.

Setting up the Loan App appt, remind the prospect, err...I mean client, to bring the following:

  1. Social Security Card and Drivers License
  2. Residence Address--Past 2 Years
  3. Names and Addresses of Each Employer--Past 2 years
  4. Year-to-Date Pay Stub
  5. Names, Addresses, Account Numbers, Balances & Monthly Payments of All Open Loans

  6. Addresses of Other Real Estate Owned
  7. Loan Infomation on Other Real Estate Owned
  8. Sales contract (if available)
  9. Money for Credit Report & Appraisal
  10. 2 Years W2s
  11. 2 Months Bank Statements
  12. VA Loans need Certificate of Eligibility and DD-214

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