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An Iraq Job Resume (or Kuwait, Dubai, and Bahrain Logistics Sample) that will get you hired!

This type of resume can be used for almost any type of government foreign service contracting include Afghanistan contracting.

An Iraq Job Resume will be what you need if the plan is to sign on with one of the major defense contractors supporting U.S. Military Iraq logistic operations.

Whether the AOO (area of operations) is Iraq Kuwait, Dubai, Bahrain, or Saudi, simply tweak and modify the samples as needed.

Many of you require "rush jobs;" a call comes in for a short-fuse, drop of the hat, job opportunity with a support contractor.

My advice...Don't wait...get started Now! Put together a seriously-great Iraq Job Resume with the (free) help of eResumes4Vips. eResumes4Vips to write your resume

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A friend of mine was frantic and extremely excited. He had received a call from a 'Partner' that a military support job had opened up in Iraq. The job was for a warehouse technician. He suddenly had an Urgent need for an Iraq Job Resume.

Let's forget the fact that my friend was not a warehouse nor logistics specialist. He and I both realized that he had a halfway fighting chance of getting the job. 

Take a Peek at this Awesome Security Guard Resume...

A Quick and Easy Iraq Job Resume for an Overseas Logistics Opportunity

Warehouse Technician
Resume for Iraq

Donald Rumsfeld

2345 Star Dr
Seattle, WA
Email address

Experienced Habitational & Vehicle Maintenance manager seeking similar vocation with an established Fortune 1000 Defense Contractor.

Preferred International Geographical Work location in the Middle East (Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Dubai, or Qatar).

*Small Team Leader & Supervision
*Maintenance Audit & Data Capture
*OSHA Familiarity
*MCSS Compliance Check listing

Retail Vehicle Detail Manager
March 2005-Present, Abe Lincoln Volkswagen (Dealership)

*Supervised 4-Person Vehicle Detailing Team
*Daily Responsibility of in excess of $75,000 of Dealer Equipment

Maintenance Technician
Jan 2002-March 2005, Metroplex General Hospital

*Performed duties as Maintenance & Housekeeping Technician for a 225 Bed In-Patient Hospital Facility
*Achieved a 99% auditable compliance of OSHA, JHACO, & MCSS regulatory check listing

*Vehicle Maintenance Issues & Updates, Volkswagen-specific 45 hrs (Corporate University)

*Biohazard, Safety, First-Aid, OSHA, and Inventory resource optimization Training 120 hours (Mextroplex General Hospital, In-Service seminars)

References available upon request

WinWay(c) Resume Deluxe is the easiest and most complete job-winning system available. With it you can write your Iraq job resume, track your contacts, write cover letters, and print associated envelopes.
I wish that Don, F. and I had more time to make his resume More...yet, I learned a very important lesson.

The Client understood the objective, or rather the planned end, better than did I:
1) Pen-to-paper the necessary qualifications that best matched the Iraq Job description (ethically...that is).
2) Accentuate the Positive (show his 'best side').
3) Git-R-Done!

Good Luck, sure to send me a postcard...
P.s. tell your new friends and co-workers in Iraq about Andre and eResumes4Vips.

Going to work in Iraq is rugged. There will be no Walmart there. You will need Paramilitary style clothing. Boots, durable garments, name tags, utility tools (pocket knives) and such.

It's good to know that there is an online retailer that can supply your overseas work wear needs.

Military Transition Sample
Protect Your Personal Security
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