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functional job resume format

The job resume format is the ground floor of our job resume creation. Too often, we become too caught up in the 'what format do I use?'

I'm asking that you get away from this small yet worrisome concern. Get out of the weeds; just slap the resume together. After creating a good resume 1st draft, then you can craft the draft into a suitable job-resume-format as applicable.

3 Job Resume Format styles

Ok, before we dive deep into the job-resume-format weeded jungle, let's all take a deep breath. As you may have already researched, there are 3 types of job-resume formats.

  1. The chronological job resume-format
  2. The functional job resume-format
  3. The combination job resume-format

All of these job-resume-format styles can be customized (by you of course) to suit your specific job search needs. eResumes4Vips to write your resume

If you rather, I can write your resume for a very small fee. Visit me @Fiverr.

Best Job-Resume-Format

chronological job resume format
combination job resume format

Personally, I'm not married to one particular job-resume format because all of my resumes are individually tailored to the job application specifics of posting. 

For instance, when I applied to USAJOBS for a federal job, I submitted a federal job resume-format application. But I use a less formal job resume-format for private sector postings. 

What are some of the advantages of the chronological resume format? Well for one, it maps out a blueprint of your entire work history over your lifetime. This is Huge for traditional employers, yet not so much for innovative 21st Century digital age employers.

I tend to shy away from chronological resume formats because it lends itself to age discrimination. [which is illegal and protected under USA Federal Law]

Nevertheless, within my personal laptop computer database, I maintain a chronological resume example tucked aw and up-to-date.

functional resume template

Yet unless I'm applying for a government job and/or the employer is requesting a specific job resume format style, then I am a Big Fan! of the functional job resume-format style.

Mainly, the functional job resume-format style allows me to move the most important detail of my experience and/or education to the top of the resume page. Have you ever heard the slogan, "Where's the Beef?"

There you have it...this job resume-format style gives you the freedom to remove your accomplishments out of time order. So what if your management skills dates back to 20 years ago. If its a management job that you're going for, then move that experience to the top of page.

For more information to custom-tailor your resume to present the right job resume-format style, head over to my free resume formats page. Click here...

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