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To make a resume or to not make-a-resume...That is the question! Think about it for a second. How many workers have you known or heard about that secured their job without a resume? Probably quite a few.

The truth is that resumes aren't absolutely necessary. Yes, you heard correctly. The next question that come to mind is, why does even exist--what's the point (if resumes aren't really necessary)?

The point is that jobs are hard to come by; gaining an interview is even more difficult--interviews lead to jobs--resumes are personal career tools. Resumes won't get you a job; on its own merits.

Jobs are a people business. You get the job; employers hire (you) people rather than resumes. Which takes us back to the how-to make a resume question.

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What is the most important piece of Make a Resume

Hands down...I'd say that the most important part to make-a-resume is to craft a Powerful Resume Objective Statement.

The hiring officer is only going spend 1.5 split seconds scanning your resume (forget about her mentally scanning it). To grab the readers attention (in order to gain an additional 3.5 seconds), you must tell them what you want when you make a resume to gain a job interview.

The next important pieces to make a resume include crafting a list of resume action words, selecting a resume template or choosing a resume format, and (last but not least) adding a resume cover letter.

Your resume needs to go Snap, Crackle, Pop (without the milk, of course). Don't just write it up; work on it. Refine, refine, refine it. If your targeted job is in the service industry or is non-managerial (to get your foot in the door), there may not be a need to make-a-resume for that particular job.

--My Student Resume resource page has a link to a web portal for linking to online job application with dozens of companies].--

I also encourage you all to review resume writing books (yeah, I know...spending a couple of bucks on a book or two defeats the purpose...but keep open to the benefits and possibilities thereof). These tools may give you that one golden nugget to move you ahead of the pack.

Make a Resume Online Experts

In order to make-a-resume for job hunting, your final product needs to be clear, concise, and error-free. Perhaps you may want to use an expert.

Fortunately, there are resume help services out there, both online as well as offline, to help you create a resume.

This website recommends three such services (as well as many others). Go to Free Resume Maker, Pongo Resume Maker, and this site's Free Resume Builder. I hope that you find these resume help resources to be of value.

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5 Tips for a Great Job Search Resume Résumés should never be “cookie-cutter” since one size will never fit all positions you are seeking to fill. …

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