Cover Letter Samples

Cover Letter Samples

Cover Letter Samples are actually More Important than your resume. Good cover + Good resume = Interview.

The military cover letter samples, like Air-Land-Battle, is your air cover that "softens-up" the enemy prior to the ground assault.

Potential employers are not your enemy; yet, job hunting is Guerrilla Warfare! Now, hang on to your hat.

EOD Consultant
Cover Letter Sample

EOD Consultant Contractor
Resume of Qualifications

Sarah Palin, Houston, Texas, USA (917)508-6437

AVM Group, Attn: Andre V. Milteer
Re: Military Consulting

Mr. Milteer,

With regard to your Dubai International Job military consultant position, Requisition # 098127AD, I am submitting my qualification summary for review.

In addition, with my +10 years of professional electronic warfare and military (USA) experience as both a teacher as well as a technician, I bring a level of expertise that you may not find with other candidates.

Simply, I know the mindset of the Terrorist ordinance methodology as well as the psychology thereof. As you know, many “Bombers” see their work as being one with the Divine.

The work of Allah; the hand of destiny (if you will). Of course, within all societies, ideological and rogue extremists exist.

Our challenge is to separate the fundamentalist versus the extremist. We cannot throw out the Baby with the Bath water. I have the knowledge, expertise, balance, and a Macro-Global overview of Counter-Terrorism Insurgency.

Currently, I work as a Military Sales Account Executive. My company is top-notch; my compensation is lucrative. However, I miss being in the field; providing my operational expertise to the (friendly) military defense and intelligence community.

My value as an electronic warfare consultant is World-Class. Please telephone me for more information. I look forward to meeting with you.

Sincerely, Sarah Palin (former vice-presidential candidate). Cover Letter Samples to Military Resume Example

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