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The eResumes4Vips Site Disclaimer & Disclosure Statement is as follows:

All Material displayed on this website ( is intended for informational purposes only.

The information on this website is not intended to be used as Certified Resume Writer advice as endorsed by a credentialing organization.

By using this website, you understand that you are solely responsible for your own resume submission and career selection decisions. Further, you do not hold this website responsible for those (aforementioned) decisions.

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eResumes4Vips does not offer any guarantees or warranties of any products, services, or opinions mentioned on this website unless otherwise stated in writing.

Under no circumstances will, its owners, officers, or employees be held liable for any losses incurred by the use of information contained in the service.

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The purpose of is to offer site visitors job search and resume building tools to make a free printable resume portfolio.

Cutting-edge tips, tech-savvy tools, and career interest examples that helps to find and keep your job.

Advertising Disclaimer receives payments from some advertisers in the form of commissions based on sales and pay-per-click services. is a Sole Proprietorship entity.

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Attention Job Search Candidates:

It is Your Sole Responsibility to edit your submissions as well as provide feedback to the Site Publisher for errors and omissions. is not responsible for published misspellings and grammatical inaccuracies. ~Publisher,

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