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Is your career search stalled because you might need a resume references checking service...'You See What they See BEFORE they do...

Allison & Taylor, Inc. has over twenty years of experience in professional reference checking and employment verification. Resume-reference checking services from Allison & Taylor, Inc. can help you get your dream job! In today's competitive job market former job resume-references can make or break your career.

Resume Reference Checking

Our Job resume references checking offers an accurate way to confirm that these job references will enhance your chances, rather than stand in your way of securing the position you desire. One of the most common reasons job seekers are rejected for positions today is due to bad job references from their former employer.

Employee Background or resume references checks can help job candidates get hired or promoted. Job applicants and existing employees can be asked to provide background checks. For some jobs, employee background screening is required by federal or state law.

Allison & Taylor, Inc. has experience in conducting extensive employee background checks that are compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. eResumes4Vips to write your resume

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Positive References

How Critical are Positive resume references and Good Job References?

Positive resume references can get you the job you want. Companies are very selective about hiring today. Security is of major concern to all of us.

Your resume references will be checked and positive references or good job references can give your resume that added boost. Honor these rules of etiquette for good job resume references and they should continue singing your praises for a long time.

Good Job References Rules of Etiquette:

  1. Call your former bosses and ask them if they are willing to be good job resume references for you. Give your previous boss a career update. Thank your former boss for his/her time.

  2. Keep your former positive resume references informed of your experiences in climbing the corporate ladder and your educational progress. He/She will be more inclined to see you in a stronger light as you progress.

  3. Spending time chatting with a potential employer is taking valuable time of your former bosses' day. If you plan to use these positive resume references over the years, you need to give something back, for instance...

  4. After receiving good job resume references -write a personal thank you letter or send an email.

  5. After receiving good job resume references -offer to take your former boss to lunch/dinner.

  6. After receiving positive resume references or good job references, send a thoughtful gift, for example, everyone loves to receive flowers at the office.

After you win the new position, call or email your former boss, thank them again for the positive resume references and good job references and let them know your new contact information.
Even companies who have strong policies regarding resume-references have many employees who break the rules. We have heard over and over again:

"We miss him/her very much!"

You never want your former employer to say:

"Check his/her resume-references very carefully"

The use of a professional resume-references checking firm, such as Allison & Taylor, Inc., to check your job references prior to submitting them is highly recommended.

Allison Taylor Reference-Checking Services...2nd to None

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Client Testimonials

Our Clients:'s clients include public and private corporations, government agencies and departments, educational institutions, trade associations, executive search firms and attorneys, as well as individual candidates.

Last year our clients were awarded settlements in excess of $2 million.

Since the early 90's we have seen employees take a stand to defend their rights and stop abuse in the workplace. Consequently, we have become familiar with the needs of those clients who are currently pursuing legal action against former employers.

Sexual harassment and wrongful termination are serious matters--and so is the quality of the references given after or during a case. We have assisted our clients not only in the support of their cases, but also in the support of settlement agreements.

"Prior to losing my job, I had no idea that your service even existed. In fact, the mere thought of verifying the quality of my own resume-references never even crossed my mind. Thank goodness, a friend referred me to your firm.

The research your company did uncovered one bad reference - the reason I wasn't receiving any job offers. This information allowed me to strategically avoid this individual and successfully land the next position I interviewed for." --J. McKnight, V.P. Marketing.

"Your service saved my husband's career. Even though he won his lawsuit for wrongful termination and age discrimination, his resume-references were keeping him from doing what he loved, working. Your company provided us with the evidence we needed to avoid another court battle. Thank you." --P. Sommers, President

"I would like to address you as a satisfied (very satisfied) customer. You are effective and efficient as well as being service-oriented. I have had two separate matters with your firm, and in each case I have been impressed. In each case, your work has directly contributed to the of my client's case." --M. Klamen, Attorney at Law, St. Louis, MO

We are ranked the "BEST" in the business by the Wall Street Journal.
If my employment references are bad, what can I do?

Bad employment resume references can be strategically dealt with depending on what is actually being said and to what degree things are explained. You need to first determine what is being said before you can develop an appropriate strategy. Depending on what the research reveals as well as the laws within your state, you may be able to take legal action.

We suggest taking our report to an employment attorney for proper legal advice. Allison & Taylor, Inc. will be available to supply our research evidence and to testify in support of your situation should the need arise.

Although we will not make a referral to a specific attorney, we do suggest finding one through the N.E.L.A. (The National Employment Lawyers Association).

Allison Taylor Reference-Checking Services...2nd to None

Allison & Taylor, Inc.; Attorney Reference Center

Do you have clients who may be receiving bad resume-references from a former employer? Or a case that you have settled and would like to insure that the company is following the legal agreement?

It has been our experience that many companies will say, "Let me get the legal file to see what I am allowed to say" which in our opinion, will make a potential employer feel uncomfortable in hiring this candidate.

Our firm will call and fully document the resume-references conversation including tones and innuendos. Please call one of our senior consultants with any questions or for assistance.

**We will require a resume-references and signed consent form for all potential employees stating that they have given you permission to check resume references.**

This article was written by Heidi Allison, Managing Director for Allison & Taylor, Inc. Copyright © 2005 Allison & Taylor, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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