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Welcome to the eResumes4Vips Job Search Engine where we've assembled some of the best and leading job banks with the career and work search industry.

Searching for a New Job? Decided to quit--or did your Old Boss do you a favor by firing you? What about Unemployment...can you collect?

The best reason for adding a job board to this site is help you all with time management searching.

You either need a job or are seeking for a new career change job. At any rate, eResumes4Vips is here to help with your search.

All I ask is that you read & click through all the content and job-search-engine hyperlinks on this page to find the one that suits you best.

Go to Job Search Page to find out about the (free) Job Handbook>>> eResumes4Vips to write your resume

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Facts You Need To Know About the Job Search Engine 

Emails have a significant deletion rate without ever being opened. It is simply overwhelming to the person making a hiring decision, they have too many emailed resumes generated from a job search engine to go through PLUS tons of emails from their regular job duties.

There are over 40,000,000 (that's forty million) resumes posted at the 3 big online sites combined, so it's no wonder that posting resumes does not get much of a response.

70% to 80% of job openings are filled without a company ever running a job-search-engine posting online or in the newspaper. This means for every 2 to 3 jobs you find online or in the newspaper, there are 7 to 8 other jobs out there you're not seeing!

And almost every job hunter is chasing the 2 to 3 you are seeing in a job search engine or in the newspaper, making it tough for everybody.

Roughly 1/3 of companies at any point in time are planning on making a hiring decision in the next 60 days. This means if you faxed your resume to 1,000 companies from the phone book, about 330 would be planning to make a hiring decision in the next 60 days, and only 20% to 30% of those jobs are going to be on a job search engine or in the newspaper.

Recruiters usually charge companies 30% of your salary, so companies LOVE hiring without a recruiter.

Conducting a job search is like "advertising" or marketing a product, so a 1% to 5% response rate is pretty good. That means you have to contact 100 companies to get 1 to 5 responses, and that will take many hours.

Proactively pursuing via job-search-engine target selection your "Dream Job" is the most successful way to get it. Proactively means you find companies you want to work for and you contact them, and network, and pursue interviews through any and all means possible.

That's when I realized why faxing Suzy's and Brian's resume worked so well, and how faxing your resume to employers solves some of the largest problems in job searching.

Using the Job Search Engine via faxing

When you fax your resume it is delivered already opened, unlike email or mail, the recipient will see your resume because it is delivered open. It is not deleted or thrown out prior to being seen.

When you fax your resume as addressed to the actual decision maker at the business, the secretary WILL ALMOST ALWAYS put it on that person's desk. It looks like it has been requested or you know that person, and the secretary is afraid to goof up by throwing out something that the boss is expecting.

Upon faxing your resume, it is being delivered WITHOUT hundreds of other competing resumes, so your resume actually gets reviewed. 

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