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Need a free printable resume for a new job? Are You Sick & Tired of Pulling Your Hair Out trying to figure out how to make a job-winning resume?

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The Peoples of the Ukrainian National Republic are strong and resilient. eResumes4Vips stands with you. Please support Charities that provide humanitarian relief efforts in their struggle to maintain sovereignty.

One of our favorites is the Polish Humanitarian Action relief agency dedicated to providing real assistance to Ukrainian refugees displaced due to Russian Military aggression.

eResumes4Vips will help you to make-a-free-printable resume for whatever job you're hunting it Executive or any other job occupation. This could be the Key to your Success! So go ahead and make a free-printable-resume (DIY).

How can you make a free-printable-resume for WaitressesNursesStudents, and especially busy Executives? Great resumes help to get your profile past the Hiring Manager's Gate-keepers and software scanners.

eResumes4Vips offers the following Tips & Resources:

Why a free printable resume

One important factor of a free printable resume is that the 21st century digital age job-seeker must embrace is that of social media. Simply, this is nothing more than a (social) community of persons willingly promoting news, ideas, content, reference, best practices, and [hopefully] job leads.

With the site resources to make a free printable resume plus having your own social media site page, this could be just the ticket to make your career search and/or job hunt dreams come true. So make your free printable resume in the here and now.

Global Economic Meltdown. Massive bank failures. Record Unemployment predicted. Auto industry in a tailspin. As for tailspins, Career Changers should look at our Flight Attendant Resume & Resource webpage. The Skies Are The Limit!

eResumes4Vips has added a proprietary Job Search Engine webpage for exclusive job-finding capabilities for Site Visitors charge, of course.

The time is RIPE for putting together your Make a Free Printable Resume...eResumes4Vips is doing its part to help You! find your next job.                      

Help tools for making
your free printable resume

Almost everything needed for a Do-it-Yourself, Make A Free Printable Resume (Plus Powerful Cover Letter Examples) can be found at eResumes4Vips

Want your Dull or Non-Career to become Alive? Rely upon LiveCareer for Free and Powerful Career Assessment powered by the Greatest Minds of Today's Higher Education Industry. You see, a simple resume, or a make a free printable-resume will no longer cut it.

First impressions, to an employer, really do count--No sweat--with the resume help of eResumes4Vips. If you make a poor first impression, you'll never get to step two -- Your Job Interview.

In order to get a good job, You Must Communicate to the employer (or Headhunter) that you're ready, willing, and able to do the job. So if you're capable of producing a top-notch make a free printable resume, you certainly increase your chances of getting a new or better job.

Moreover, regarding your career search, you may need to simply learn to Take Control... Also, learn to practice an Attitude of Gratitude!

Speaking of Recruiters and Headhunters...

Regardless of what you may have heard from other job searchers, recruiters (aka headhunters) can bring an extra bit of 'Irish Luck' to the job search table. Too many times though, workers get comfortable in jobs. Yet, in a crisis (i.e. pending layoffs or 'right-sizing'), you frantically look for that recruiter's misplaced contact info...

Here's an eResumes4Vips tip for listen closely: make friends with and take the calls from recruiters Before You Need them. Why? Because you never know if and when you may...

Bottomline: To attract a new job opportunity, You Must Communicate to the employer (Headhunter or Recruitment Management company) that you're ready, willing, and able to do the job. So, use this site to make a free printable resume for your career-change resume; and then get busy networking and rubbing elbows with those recruiters and headhunters. Treat them with courtesy; after all, they're people too.

  Message to our National Leaders: 'We Need JOBS, Now...!' 

Want a Job?:

  1. Work on Your Self-Development.
  2. Learn to Think like Millionaire$$.
  3. Learn to Manage Your Time!

Truly, these are the best attributes to master to get that great job (don't forget to make a free printable resume). BTW, are you Thinking of Going Back to School?

Hire eResumes4Vips:
'I will deliver my best resume writing efforts to make your professional resume standout!'

AVMWERKS: Resume Writing Svc

eResumes4Vips started out in 2008 as a free resume writing resource supported by Google Ads. As time progressed, it became obvious that folks still needed help with their resume preparation and writing.

While the free content is still available here, the option to purchase resume writing services was added as a very reasonable pricing and fee to make it affordable for the average job seeker to have a custom resume offering. eResumes4Vips to write your resume

If you rather, I can write your resume for a very small fee. Visit me @Fiverr.

Is a Resume Really Necessary? 

Ok, please allow me to ask you a few questions...

Q: Have you been Down-Sized/Right-Sized (aka pink-slipped)? Know anyone that has?

Q: How HARD would it be to replace your $25-$250K annual salaried job if you were 'let-go?'

Q: Describe your family life (married?) if your employed annual salary went down from $100K to $0.00 in ninety days or less.

Last Q: What will be your employment prospects if similar occupational industries (can you say Economy Downturn..aka recession) initiated White and Blue Collar staffing cuts?

To piggyback from the above (very painfully-inflicting) questions, answer me this riddle: When is the best time for a Professional (waitress, executive, bartender, etc.) to prepare, write, update, and make a free printable resume???

The Answer: NOW!

The time to have an up-to-date resume (e-resume that is OCR scanable) is while you are comfortably and confidently working within your current profession. don't really need a Need a Job, Career Change, More Freedom, Better Pay, Greater Security, Nicer Benefits...or maybe a Job restructuring (think of the words tele-commuting or consultant).

Speaking of Jobs (that's the whole point...isn't it!), the Classifieds Section remains as the 2nd best place to find jobs. The 1st being, networking (of course...). Rather than scouring the newspapers at your local library, why not find and/or build your very own online classified ads (jobs) newspaper! All right here at

Motivational Speaker and Sales Trainer, Zig Ziglar tells a story of a Customer that goes into a hardware store on a Saturday to purchase a 3/8 inch Drill.

The Salesperson begins to go on and on about the true benefits of the 1/4 hp, reversible, ergonomic, cordless 3/8 inch drill manufactured by the great XYZ corporation.

After the Customer endures the sales presentation spoon-feeding, the Salesperson [finally] says the Customer, "Mr/Mrs Jones, if you don't have any questions, then we'll simply check-out at the front counter." Mr/Mrs Jones pauses, looks around, and quietly asks, "Yeah, but will it drill me a 3/8 inch hole?"

The moral of the story, as Zig puts it, is that the customer doesn't want a 3/8 inch Drill...the Customer really wants a 3/8 inch HOLE. Unless I have failed to listen to you, what you really want is the end result (job change, pay, financial security, etc.) that a Free-Printable-Online-Resume will hopefully deliver for you.

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