Job Searching?

Have an Attitude of Gratitude!

Are you searching for a new career? Perhaps you've been laid off as a result of this Down Economy. Sure, it's easy to say, "Look on the Bright Side!" Or perhaps this, "I'm more fortunate than most..."

However, there are nuggets of truth within theses axioms. No, this is not a POLLYANNA, Don't Worry Be Happy self-psychological babbling poppycock.

Simply, it a choice...or rather, it's a Decision to Be Grateful.

  • Fact: Employers hire upbeat and positively-energetic people.
  • Fact: We are powerless to change that which we are powerless to do so (i.e. Economy, Lay-offs, Other-People-Opinions {OPOs}, etc.).
  • Fact: We are Empowered to change that which we can change...i.e. Ourselves and Our thoughts.

Attitude Determines Altitude

Example: Upon finding a penny on the sidewalk, do we curse and ask the Universe for a larger bounty? After all, it's only a penny; aren't we worth more??? On the flipside, how about declaring to both the Universe as well as ourselves, "Thank-you for this penny...Life is financially abundant and infinite...There's more of this to come. Why, because the Universe is infinite; No Limits!

Finally, the practice of gratitude is free, inexpensive, and beneficial. Why not try it! Dr. Peale's, Peale Center for Christian Living, published "Believe that Problems Do Have Answers...That They Can Be Overcome; And That You Can Solve Them."

President Barack Obama's 2008 campaign slogan, "Yes We Can" harbored a simplistic yet powerful message. Yes, You and I Can have an Attitude of Gratitude...all day; everyday.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I bid you farewell and best wishes for present and future job success...

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