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Success-At-Work is No Longer Just a Dream; It Can Become Your Reality!

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To be a SUCCESS one must Grow into a successful life. The $64,000 question is, 'Do You Have a Vision of Personal Success and Achievement?'

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Success according to
Boxing Great George Foreman

Building a Life-of-Success, Foreman-Style...

George Foreman, a world-champion boxer, community leader, father, husband and recognized spokesperson, has built an empire on one quality... integrity. eResumes4Vips to write your resume

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"The greatest asset, even in this country, isn't oil or gas," says Foreman. "It's integrity. Everyone is searching for it, asking, 'Who can I do business with that I can trust?'

Foreman based his business on his reputation as a world-champion boxer. After he reclaimed his heavyweight champion title in 1994, at the age of 44, Foreman started using his image to sell products.

But it was his partnership with Salton, Inc. that led to the George Foreman Lean, Mean, Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine, a $137.5 million endorsement deal that allowed Foreman to positively influence people's lives.

Success is Spelled: G-e-o-r-g-e

"All the ads I had done for sausages, you name it, [I was] mainly thinking about money. But then I went into the grill business." says Foreman.

"I was meeting people who would say, 'The doctor told me to get a George!' I'm like, what are they talking about? Get a George? From that point on, you know, I can never go back to what I used to do where I just sell and sell," he says. "Now everything I do has to be connected to something healthy."

Foreman now runs a Web site where visitors can purchase cookbooks, memoirs and autographed boxing gloves. His 10 books, three of which were published by Thomas Nelson in the last two years, offer inspirational insights into life, comebacks and fatherhood.

In an interview with SUCCESS-Magazine, Foreman offered these tips to Americans looking for well-rounded success in life:

-Belief. You have to have something that you believe in. It could be someone you believe in, too. But at least have something you believe in, and you cannot be talked out of by dollars and cents.

-Integrity. You must preserve the quality of your name, your integrity.

-Sales. Learn to sell, and you'll never starve.

-Resilience. You're going to fail if you do enough business. But you can always come back, because you've got some integrity, and people need that.

-Persistence. It may take a year, it might take three or four years, but you're going to hit something so you have something to put on your table for your family.

-Legacy. You want to leave something, you really do. I mean, in the end, statues and all those things, they don't mean anything. Leave something we're all going to benefit from.

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