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Resume Writing Tips to Help Market Your Job Search...
Resume-Writing-Tips that Drive You to Your
Dream Job is the, "How Do We Find Our Way Back
to Kansas" {question}? (ala Dorothy,Wizard of Oz).

Without a resume-writing-tips action plan, your work is nothing more than an expensive (time, money, research)
but useless scrap of paper.

--Good for Nothing but Fish Wrap.--

The Resume Writing Tips
Marketing Hero

The Resume-Writing-Tips Marketing Hero, is of course, You! After studying this webpage section, getting the word out will be 'old hat.' You will become your Own Hero; an expert, a resume-writing-tips guru, a virtuoso (etc...etc...etc.)

Let's say that you are the best candidate for the Widget Job in the entire universe. Plus you have invested time, energy, money by using the information from eResumes4Vips. Your resume is shining so bright, I have to wear Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Yet, your resume still has to move...generate some heat...cover some ground. In other words, You, Your Resume Writing Tips knowledge, Your Job Hunt, You, Inc. must become a pseudo business-household word or advertising billboard. You, Inc. will become a Brand; a Rock-Star!
Resume writing tips action steps mirror a Mom & Pop grocery story writing and exercising a business plan to grow into a chain of Fortune 1000 supermarkets.

Much the same, understand that you are selling yourself, to a Buyer, in a crowded field of Sellers (aka as other job candidates), with a slight chance of even having the Buyer taking notice of your offering (resume).

You have only One chance to have your resume noticed; so that you can reposition into an interview. If you're lucky, the Buyer (Employer) will extend an offer to the Seller (Job Candidate-You), which will give you the opportunity to accept, negotiate, or accept the job.

Luck, is when Opportunity meets Preparation!

--Oprah Winfrey

What is the One Action Tip that Gets You Hired? Read On...

How do get from London to draw a map...right? It’s the same with marketing resume distribution. You want to find a job or change careers.. You need a map or plan. Otherwise you won't make it in time for fish & chips.

It’s called a Job Hunt...chasing rabbits, if you will. Elmer Fudd, of Bugs Bunny fame, would call it "Wabbit-Hunting."

In business, we call it a Marketing Plan...You are a business; construct a marketing resume {action} plan.

Again...What is the One Action Tip that Gets You Hired? Read On...

Find The One!

--- Resume Writing Tips ---

1) Prepare and edit a Kick-Butt resume; make extra copies

2) Research both the Internet as well as the newspaper (I like the Wall Street Journal, Tuesday Career Journal)

3) Tell everyone that you are searching. Ask for resume critique feedback

4) Be well-groomed at all times. Consider buying new clothes and accessories (including shoes) * Superb resume writing tips

5) Do you need an updated carry bag or briefcase

6) Update your Technology (laptop computer, thumb drive, scanner/fax, mobile telephone)

7) Your Automobile? Does it need repairs...or maybe a new or pre-owned vehicle is necessary

8) Visit the Public Library and the Workforce center

9) Listen to Speakers...Brain Tracy, Louise Hay, and Zig Ziglar

10) Get 6-8 hours of sleep; drink at least a liter (quart) of H2O (that's water; not beer nor tea)everyday

11) Eat healthy; take extra vitamins

12) Use internet job agents to market your resume

13) Make friends with recruiters and executive coaches Before You Need Them

14) Apply for a new credit card to separate and itemize your job search expenses (Tax Purposes?) American Express Card??

15) Visit your University Alumni office for more resume writing tips

16) Be Positive! Work to beef-up yourself, self-esteem, goals, mental power.

17) Help other Job Seekers to polish their resumes and trade job leads

18) Join a Civic Organization; investigate Toastmasters

19) Write a One Minute Sales Pitch...Who are you? Why should I hire you...

20) Get Organized

21) Try NLP to quit smoking

22) Drink from Good Books, especial ones with good resume writing tips

23) Get and Stay Motivated!

Why Do People Fail?

What is the difference between those who succeed and those who fail? What magic attribute separates the winners?

--Hint: It's the Powerful Resume Writing Tips found here at eResumes4Vips--

Ordinary-IQ folks succeed beyond belief. And I’ve seen bright people fail miserably. So the difference is not intelligence...

I'll add more marketing action steps and resume writing tips as we move forward. Ok, did you find The One? If you didn’t, you can return at anytime for another visit. {I promise to leave the information in place on the web for the next 100 years.}

Meeting others and telling your story is the essence of networking.

Stay with me; I’ll show you how to market and “network” yourself like a U.S. Presidential candidate jockeying for the top bunk in the White House bedroom.

Contact me to write...

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