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What a tremendous time in your life... But you need a high school resume to demonstrate your job marketable skills.

Miley (aka Hannah, M.) & Oprah

Whether you are looking to work to buy
clothes & luxuries; or to simply help your family...you must get your high school resume.

Here's the reality:

  1. Teenagers study, live, and grow up in a brave new world.
  2. The Job Market is Tougher than ever.
  3. A Great High-School-Resume won't
    get you a job; it will get you an interview.

One thing is "Fur-Shuer;" a Terrible High-School-Resume will leave you at the starting gate...Never mind running in the race.

Miley's Down-to-Earth
Multi-Million Dollar
High School Resume

MILEY CYRUS (aka Hannah Montana)

One Billion Success Blvd
Annapolis, MD
(917) 508-6437


A Challenging position as a Customer Service Representative in a department store setting.

  • Formulated editorial policy and directed the operation of the newspaper.
  • Wrote leading and policy editorials.
  • Represented publication at professional and community functions.



  • Self-starting, goal-oriented strategist whose confidence, perseverance and vision promote success.
  • Quickly learn procedures and methods.
  • Professional & Friendly demeanor.


  • Well-organized and efficient.
  • Skilled with computer systems and software.

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  • Maintained roster of volunteer guides and contacted volunteers in order to conduct tours of premises according to schedule.
  • Coordinated student and community volunteer service programs.


John McCain Preparatory Academy Minneapolis MN, H.S. Diploma Year 2025 (Projected)


  • Maintained a 3.75 grade point average while working 20 hours per week.
  • Completion Advanced coursework with Accounting Principles and Computer Security.
  • Attended orientation seminar on protecting customer privacy,

You've Found the Keys to the Pirate's Treasure.

So many decisions after graduation...Prom, dating, money, jobs, friends, {partying}. And Last but Not Least; COLLEGE. But which one; where/how-much/what type. Decisions, decisions, deci.....

Ok, once again, eResumes4Vips comes to the rescue with tremendously expert yet free student resource information.

Athletes, geeks, divas, jocks & thugs, and all of the other normal young adults out there will benefit from the information found at eResumes4Vips.

A Texas High School Leadership
Prep Action Example

I recently had the pleasure to work with some Real Business Leaders of the future. These Junior and Senior High Schoolers were getting a Harvard Preparatory Business Crash Course.

The group were put through the paces of resume preparation, dress-for-success, and interviewing. I was totally impressed...And I'm never impressed...

If you want to go to college, Go Anyway! I agree, you don't need college to get a job and/or make money. But it really helps.

You see, your high school resume will open doors to numerous business opportunities. Besides work, college will open doors for you. Plus, with your high school resume and work experience, college admission officers will salivate to enroll you.

College and universities have top-notch career service offices. My alma mata, UMHB Career Services Office, not only helped me, but your college career center will help you.

Once you begin the "College Life," don't forget about your High School Resume objectives and goals. Why, because you will need a Seriously Great College Internship example.

{Miley Cyrus Photos courtesy of mileycyrus.com -- official website of Miley Cyrus}

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