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George W. Bush

{Former President of the United States of America}
123 Main St
Dallas, Texas

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Superbly-Talented and Eagle-Eyed Professional with a ‘Git-R-Done’ work ethic competing for the position of Lead Designer with the COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Organization

Technical Expertise

  • Expert with Photoshop Imaging and Editing.
  • 62 WPM Data Entry Proficiency (R.D. Craig Assessment, Year 2006).
  • Expert with HTML and Web Page Layout.
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite(Excel, Word, PowerPoint).

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Professional Experience
Financial Analyst, Technical Associate
January 2008-May 2008.

  • Freelance Illustrator, Designs by MMM
    November 2007-January 2008.
    February 2007-November 2007.
  • Retail Design Consultant, COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL
    May 2006-February 2007.
  • Student Executive Lead Publisher
    Portfolio Skill Internship
    University of the Pacific Publishing Department
    May 2005-December 2005.

Associate of Applied Science (AAS)
Advertising Design and Print Technology. Texas State Technical College
Waco, TX (2006).
Post Graduate (Self-study)
Web design application fundamentals of Java-Scripting.

Adobe After Effects Production Bundle. Microsoft Front Page Digital Media Designs (Advanced Storyboarding).

Special Skills

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Dream Weaver
  • Quark XPress
  • Four-Color Desktop Publishing
  • Image-Ready Software
  • Digital Photography
  • Digital Publishing
  • Vector Graphics, 2-Dimensional/3-D Illustration Digital Pre-Press
  • Trendsetter (Pre-Press hardware Plating Machinery)

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Did you know that the US Armed Forces employ Graphic Designers? These Soldiers, Sailors, and Guardsmen (female gender inclusive) provide a vital service to our National Security.

Use your graphic design resume sample for applying to the military as an Army Graphic Designer or for applying to the National Guard.