Jr Graphic Designer Resume

by Anonymous
(Austin, TX, USA)

Innovative Graphic Designer specializing in creative solutions for product branding, packaging and marketing campaigns.

Artistic expertise includes work with international clientele ranging from musical artists and entertainment events, to poets and authors.

Specialized Skillset:
Adobe Photoshop (Expert) 5-6 Years Experience. Photoshop skills include vector illustration, photo editing and manupulation, ad building.

Adobe Illustration (Advanced) 3-4 Years Experience. Vector Illustrations, Shading, Flyer Presentations, and Advertising Building.

Computer Typing (Rockstar) 10+ Years Experience. 65 WPM with 99% typing accuracy (R.D. Craig Assessment Exam, May 2008).

Proficient with (Mac OS & Windows) Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Word, PowerPoint).

Relevant Work Experience:
Was featured on Wordpress.com top 50 blogs of the day in May 2009. Self-published over 200 entertainment reviews that have attracted global readers from Singapore, United States, China, Japan and Thailand.

Graphic Designer & Web Marketing Editor (June 2008–October 2009)

Website manager providing oversight of graphic design for a 16,000 audio retail product website. Ensured manufacturer trademark compliance while managing SEO optimization for google product web searches. Worked closely with Computing and Media Service staff, particularly the IT Administrator.

Graphic Designer: XXX Enterprises (02/2007–11/2007)

Responsible for production of all multi-media retail presentations.

Prepared in excess of 50 ad campaigns for real merchandising categories, while learning about image/identity, item/price promotion, and the use of events to reach new audiences and build customer-purchasing traffic.

Met the challenge to quickly adapt, produce, and manipulate retail account graphic marketing and advertising within a one week time period.

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Jan 23, 2010
by: Anonymous


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