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Want Tremendous Resume Cover Letter Tips? Stay here to learn how to write a compelling Resume-Cover-Letter that'll get your resume moved to the top! 

Why Have a Cover Letter?

A Resume-Cover-Letter, or Cover Letter examples,
is the Marquis of Coming Attractions.

Mainly, a cover letter alerts the Employer/HR Manager/Headhunter, and/or the Optical Character Recognition

(OCR) software to continue to read to the
next paged Job Applicant's Resume.

Your Resume-Cover-letter should tell the Reader the following:

  1. What Job Position is being referenced?(i.e. Support Analyst)
  2. How Your Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities (KSA's)
    are a match for the posted job position?
  3. What is your current understanding of the
    Organization and/or Job Position?
  4. Why are YOU the Best Candidate for the Job Position!!! eResumes4Vips to write your resume

Hire eResumes4Vips:
'I will deliver my best resume writing efforts to make your professional resume standout!'

If you rather, I can write your resume for a very small fee. Visit me @eResumes4Vips/Hire-Me for a consultation to custom-write your resume. 

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More Free & Superb
Resume Cover Letter Tips

A Resume Cover Letter gives the employer a real reason to contact you. Resume Follow-Up Letters are VERY Powerful Tools!

That’s it...You end the follow-up letter with either “Sincerely,” “Sincerely Yours,” or “Yours Truly,” and print off a copy on the same paper and font you’ve been using for your resume and cover letters.

Lastly, sign name (preferably in blue ink) @signature block.

Three Follow-Up Letter Tips

Tip #1: Always give the employer a reason call you. Simply asking an employer to call is not enough. By offering something of real value, you make it in her best interest to call.

Tip #2: Keep it simple and to the point. Like the resume and cover letter, the follow-up letter should be extremely focused and direct. Keep it down to one page with three (or less) paragraphs.

Tip #3: Always match your qualifications to the employer’s needs. Prove to her that you are capable and willing to solve her problems. In other words, You have What It Takes to Get the Job Done!

Resume Cover Letter Helpers

The resume cover letter is often discounted by the Job Seeker (uh-hem..that would be You..). The question that is silently asked, 'Why do I need a Resume Cover Letter?' Well, Glad You Asked!

A 3-Layer Chocolate Cake isn't a Desert until the Frosting is applied on the cake layers. Your Resume Cover Page/Letter IS the Cake Frosting.

In the World of Sales & Advertising, Cover Letters are the equivalent of a Sales Letter. You are asking the Customer (aka Hiring Authority) to purchase your product. The Product, or Brand, is YOU,Inc!

Resume Cover Letter Writing is no walk in the park. It is an Art form rather than a Science. The Cover Letter must be Compelling, Conversational, Clear, and Closing (moving the Reader to scan review your accompanying resume).

Find help 0n this site that the following tools:

  • Resume-Cover-Letter Creator
  • Resume Job Template
  • Job Contact Manager (database)
  • Dictionary, Thesaurus, and Clip Art Library
  • Interview Video Clips
  • Internet Job Agent transmission
  • Salary and Benefits Negotiation Strategy

Graphic Designer Resume Cover-Letter >> Do you need to have a Resume-Cover Letter? A Graphic Design Resume Sample could take a fair amount of work. Thankfully, a powerful writing resume cover letter sample is offered below for your benefit.

Cover Letter Samples are actually More Important than your resume. Good cover + Good resume = Interview. The military cover letter samples, like Air-Land-Battle, is your air cover that "softens-up" the enemy prior to the ground assault.

Seriously-Great Job Interview Tips
The Best Resume Helper to create a resume is located between your very own two ears. You are your best resume helper; corporate headquarters location is Your Own Brain. Let's call this... The Resume Mind Page...Check It Out for Yourself!!!

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