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Want 'Real World' resume writing examples absolutely free? You're in luck! Stick around to learn why...

eResumes4Vips has created an Internet's FIRST. You can post your resume right here...right now.

It's Sooo Easy! Post your resume (name and body-content only; no address/telephone/email data, please). The benefits are:

  1. Your resume will be on the internet for employers to GOOGLE.
  2. You'll have at least 500 Web-Visitors viewing your resume.
  3. Lastly, those 500 Web-Visitors will be able to post public comments and critiques for your resume.

This is an Incredible Opportunity! A FREE resume critique times 500 x 30 days x forever...AWESOME! Don't you agree that this is the Most Incredible Resume-Writing-Examples (free) critique service on the Web.

Don't be Bashful...Submit Your Resume, Now!

C'mon people...'there ain't no such thing as a terrible resume.' I know you're scared; but feel the fear and do it anyway. eResumes4Vips is dedicated to protecting your resume privacy. So what do you have to lose? Post your best resume writing examples right here...

Examples of Action Words

Resume action words included in actionable job accomplishment narrative examples:

  • While assigned as Head Bartender, I accomplished the assigned inventory duties as well as the daily management of wait staff.

  • Managerial duties included budgeting a $100,000 quarterly payroll with any significant decline in customer service.

  • Significant progress with data capture of quantifiable fraud, waste, and abuse.

  • Was decisive with regard to student test compliance while assigned as Lead Intern to the Dean of Students.

  • Accepted assigned tasks as Catering Waitress while elevating my skills as Assistant Catering Manager through the self-study of Microsoft Excel 2007.

Ground Rules for Resume Writing Examples

Before we move forward with our resume writing examples, some ground rules. First, let's all practice the spirit of brotherly and sisterly love. What does that mean? Simply, we enter our resume data with love; we also Critique the resume submissions with love.

A rising tide raises all ships. We're here to lift each other up via the eResumes4Vips-Make-A-Free-Printable-Resume website. Agreed?

Love does not hurt. Love practices an attitude of gratitude. Folks, we're embarking on a miraculous path...

Our 'Real-World' Resume Writing Examples will benefit the entire Job-Hunting Universe! Be it resume writing, resume writing tips, or for a resume writing waitress.

If you rather, I can write your resume for a very small fee. Visit me @Fiverr.

Contact me to write...

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