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A Registered Nurse Resume Sample that is Doctor-Approved and Amazingly-Healthy. Without Nurses, Hospitals would grind to a halt! A Registered-Nurse-Resume is your key to the hospital locker room.

Of course, the Doctors, Administrators, Maintenance staff, Social workers, Volunteers, and Chaplains are all very important to Patient Care. Yet, we all know, its the Nurses, Nurse Assistants, LVNs, LPNs, (don't forget about the Registered-Nurse-Resume)where the "rubber meets the road"...

Nurses, by and large, are under-appreciated. Don't believe me? OK; visit a hospital, find a Patient experiencing pain and discomfort, and simply open up your ears to listen for..   NURSE...Nurse...nurse!

Patients don't scream for the Doctor; Doctors scream for Nurses. Now, as promised, your registered nurse resume sample.

Executive Registered Nurse Resume Sample

A registered nurse resume for...
Brittany Spears, M.S.
21243 Darlington Dr
Pooler, GA

Talented Executive Hospital Director, Registered Critical Care Nursing Supervisor, and Proven Leader with 10 years of Medical Center executive leadership experience.

  • Productivity enhancement of 50% for Patient Care convalescence set-up
  • Staff conflict resolution facilitation Committee Leadership & Team Building
  • Program Design & Curriculum Development
  • Fluent Bilingual Spanish and English Communicator

To apply my Executive Managerial and Personnel Development talents as a Healthcare Director within a Regional Medical Center setting.

As Executive Director, I hope to guide the Medical Center toward optimum productivity, World-Class Patient Care, and Fiscal Conservative Management.

Assistant HealthCare Director, 1990-Present, Sloan-Kettering Hospital.

  • Developed & Implemented Hospital Total Quality Management Program (TQMP)
  • Project Management Team Leader for Hospital Computer mainframe upgrade task
  • Successfully initiated and led 200 Member Staff critical issue discussion forum
  • Led the program development for the Emergency Medical (18 hour) Technical Certification

Registered nurse resume continued...

University of Maryland, Annapolis MD
M.S., Nursing, 1990, Concentration: Health Care Administration
Towson State University, Towson MD
B.S., Nursing, 1988

Additional Skills and Awards:

  • Received 6 awards for the designation of Best Supervisor.
  • Fluent (read, write, and spoken word) with the Spanish Language. eResumes4Vips to write your resume

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Professional Resume-Template for an Executive

A Resume Template or Resume-Templates or Basic Resume-Outline: for an Executive, Summary of Qualifications

A short paragraph that summarizes your experience and skills.

Example: I have 8 years of experience working for Fortune 500 companies. Specialized experience within the areas of Merger and Acquisition (M&A), Multi-million dollar budgetary development, and Project management for multiple location teams.

There you have it. Simply tweak and tailor this Registered Nurse resume sample to your specific job situation. Oh, by the way...print out this webpage, post it on the bulletin board in the Nurses Lounge.

Or better yet, highlight the opening paragraph. Address to your (least) favorite physician, and slip it under his or her office door. Caution: Do Not Sign the webpage! {I don't want to help write any premature registered nurse resume samples for an early terminated nurse employee...catch my drift?}

More Incredible Yet Sensible
Nursing Resume Tips

Registered Nurse Resume & Job Search Tips

It is broadly agreed upon in the employment sector that the need for Nursing positions will grow faster than the national job average for the next few years. This is great news for all you interested in a registered nurse resume to use for Nursing as a career.

Just like in any growing profession there is the inevitable competition for these very desirable nursing positions.

How do you get a head of the competition?

First...Know your stuff. You have to be good at your job. So learn your job well.

Second...Have confidence in yourself, be proud of your Registered Nurse Resume as well as what you do. 

Third...You need an outstanding resume built specifically for the Nursing Profession.

Remember you are competing for a job in a profession that is growing and you are competing in the age of the email application process. (That means there are hundreds of resumes sent in by email for each position advertised.)

Once your training is complete and you begin your job search you are stepping out of the world of medicine and stepping into the world Of "Marketing and Sales".

Your Resume has to have all the important Technical aspects of your training and all the applicable experience that you also have to offer and every bit of relevant education. But your registered nurse resume also has to stand out from the crowd, and it has to quickly grab the attention of the reader.

Another thing to be aware of, as a result of the volume of resumes generally received for an advertised position, a Registered Nurse Resume isn't typically read all the way through, they are quickly "scanned".

Did you know that the typical resume is looked at for only about 7 to 8 seconds! Now you see what I mean when I say you have to GRAB the ATTENTION of the READER FAST!

An outstanding resume is just as important to your job search as making sure that a patient's Meds are administered correctly to your patients.

Every situation has it's challenges whether you are entry level an RN, BSN, whatever your level of education and experience, there is a need to be thorough and yet maintain a quality of Interest in your registered nurse resume resume.

Most hiring managers hire nurses based on their experience or knowledge (education if you are new) in a specific area of the nursing profession. Make this stand out when writing your resume.

While detailing your License Qualifications, grants, academic honors, fellowships, scholarships, GPA, your clinical rotations, or your nursing mentorships is an important thing to do while writing your registered nurse resume, remember also that your resume format, layout, structure, phrasing, and design are just as important!

In many many cases it is a smart thing to have a professional resume prepared for you. A certified resume writer with experience in the Nursing Field can help you get a better job with higher pay much faster than if you wrote it on your own.

If you go with a professional resume here are a few things to look out for

  1. Don't go with a Resume Template. (They don't work).
  2. Go with a Professional Certified Resume Writer, experienced in Nursing, that will guarantee their product. (if it is good it will be guaranteed)
  3. Don't skimp on your Resume. This is your career. It is important. A cheap resume isn't worth the price.

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