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Telephone Interview Tips Can Be a Job Deal Maker or Killer. It's your choice...yet, you've worked hard to secure the call.

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How To Master Telephone Interviews

By Nathan Newberger, on assignment with Access MILLIONS of JOBS!

Don't be afraid to pick up the phone! The telephone interview is by far becoming more and more popular.

Many job hunters still get that adrenalin rush even with the phone interviews. But following the Telephone Interview Tips and advice in this article will help you master the phone interview and get you to the next step - the face to face interview.

Often, the first step in the hiring process is the telephone interview.

Recently, unemployment rates have hit all time highs. My friend and fellow Web Publisher, Kevin, of Modern Manners and relates a story about a few of his friends that work at one of the local utility companies.

They were telling Kevin that a recent job opening received over 800 applicants! Unbelievable...that number was staggering.

So, with that thought in mind, you need to do something over and above having a great resume. You have to be able to make a lasting impression so that you will be remembered.

As Kevin puts it, "Mind Your P's & Q's..."

Companies and the recruiters they employ use the telephone interview to develop a pool of candidates to look at closer, and to pare down the number of applicants for a job opening.

The advantages to the company are:

  1. the cost is less.
  2. the list of questions can be standardized.
  3. the interview can be delegated to a lower level (cheaper) employee.
  4. it can be done quickly.

The aims on both sides of the telephone are limited. The caller wants a selection of qualified candidates, and the process screens out many candidates.

If the call is a straight forward screening call, the caller will likely ask about your experience, availability and salary requirements. Your strategy is to provide facts that support your resume, with some context about your performance.

Try using numbers and facts to be effective, however, you don't want to volunteer anything that could disqualify you. Make every effort to sound professional but not personal, as this call is not to establish rapport. This, in and of itself, is an important piece of Telephone Interview Tips advisement.

Since you are unlikely to win the job from a telephone interview, your goal is to secure an in-person interview with the person who has the authority to hire.

Approach The Call With That Attitude.

-- End of Telephone Interview Tips --

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