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Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

The late, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, was the Father of Positive Thinking in the 20th Century.. Dr. Peale, aka Resume Helper Peale, is my Positive Thinking Mastermind Chairman of the Board.

Norman Vincent Peale spoke and wrote about the practical message of Positive-Thinking.

Dr. Peale has helped thousands of job hunters and business people during his lifetime. He will be a great mastermind positive-thinking resource for you as well.

Lord knows, during this time of Global Economic Meltdown(s) and job security uncertainty, we need all of the positive-thinking that we can get!

Positive Thinking
A Necessary Requirement for Resume Preparation

Norman Vincent Peale, ThD. (1898-1993)

Often referred to as the Champion of Positive Thinking, Peale was an ordained minister as well as the editor and publisher of Guideposts Magazine - Inspiring stories...inspiring people.

My interest in Peale's work occurred in the Year 2000 (aka y2k..remember that scare). My y2k was experiencing Unemployment. Not once, but Twice!

Needless to say, I was having some real self-esteem issues at that time (to say the least...can anyone out there identify with that...can I get an Amen?). So along comes Dr. Peale with his Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) message.

The Power of
Positive Thinking

The PMA story, from Dr. Peale's The-Power-of-Positive- Thinking, goes as follows:

A (former) successful businessman {story is also adaptable for a businesswoman} had lost his business...kinda/sorta. Seems as though his Partners had railroaded him out of the company (do I see any hands-up or head nodding?). The businessman felt defeated, alone, deflated, and self-pity.

Norman (Dr. Peale, aka resume helper Peale, and I are on a first name basis; even though he passed away in 1993) looked over at the Man and mirrored his mood and behavior manner.

If you recall, I had said that N.V. Peale (another pet name I have for him) was an ordained minister as well as the Father-of- Positive-Thinking.

--Marble Collegiate Church was one of the largest Christian-faith church congregations in the USA--

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So Norm, aka resume helper Peale, tells the Man: Its too bad about your Wife; having ran off and all. The Man protested, "But My Wife hasn't run off...she loves me..she's going to stick by me through this. Norman Vincent Peale continued...

Your Daughter--its so awful about her school grades, juvenile delinquency (fancy term for a very bad teenager), and all. "Are you kidding, My 'Janie' is the sweetest...most loving child any parent could ask for."

Lastly, Doc Peale (resume helper & positive thinker) says to the Man: "Well, you're completely broke, destitute, and your home mortgage is in the process of becoming a Bank Forclosure."

--I hope NO hands are raised in the audience at this moment--

"Doctor Peale, Where are you getting your information from? I have a very nice financial cushion as a result of living slightly below my means. Maybe in time, a foreclosure...but for now, we're OK!"

Eureka! The Light Bulb finally lit up in the man's mind...He exclaimed, "I get it...I know what you're trying to do! My life isn't as bad as it seems, is it Dr Peale?"

That man began to focus on what he had, rather than on what he didn't. Within 12 months, as the story goes, the Businessman was back into a new and profitable business venture. He learned to embrace, as did I in the Year 2000, the "Power of Positive Thinking!"

Because without a vision, the people perish.

--Dr. Peale photo courtesy of Wikipedia.com--

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