Personal Development

Personal Development is an on-going process for Career Building. The responsibility to learn, grow, and know is yours...alone.

YOU! must take responsibility for both your career and personal development.

Guy Finley's Free Self-Improvement Starter Kit

Features the extraordinary ideas of best-selling author and renowned success expert Guy Finley. Includes the immensely practical '30 Keys to Change Your Destiny' e-book; a phenomenal 7-min MP3 audio program,

'Seek the Source of Self-Perfection'; a stirring online video program, 'What Your Heart Has Been Longing to Hear'; plus two helpful posters, '5 Great Lessons to Help You Let Go and Live In the Now' and '7 Laws of Fearless Living.' A $47 combined value. Get It Now!

Development Programs

Nightingale-Conant, SUCCESS Magazine, & Apple ITunes

Personal Development companies (resume helper media), Nightingale-Conant Corporation and SUCCESS Magazine, Inc. practically INVENTED the Self-Help revolution. I'm also including Steve Jobs' Apple ITunes within this genre as well (you'll see the connection later).

While many will discount the benefits personal development, You of course, are a firm believer in the goodness thereof. How do I know, because you are drinking from the cup of personal developmental knowledge offered by this eResumes4Vips webpage.

You see, Nightingale-Conant, does only one...and one thing only. They find the brightest and best business and personal development minds in the world. No "fly-by-night gurus" madam/sir, only those that have believed as well as achieved. Then they bottle it!

Rather, they don't actually bottle it...Nightingale-Conant CDs-It! They CD (compact disc) the expert presentations in very attractive and long-lasting album packages. For the 'Hip-Cats', Nightingale-Conant has a downloadable MP3 formatted e-commerce purchase option. Good Stuff!

Oh yes, one more VERY important piece of information. Nightingale-Conant (resume helper media)offers a FREE online personal mission statement builder. Mission statements became en vogue largely through the work of Stephen Covey, PhD. Dr. Covey is infamously known for his 7 Habits for Highly Effective People (my favorite habit is WIN-WIN). Covey's works are available via

Where was I...oh yes, mission statement. I had always wanted to put one together for myself, but like many other things, had put it off (can anyone out there relate to that?). To my amazement, the Nightingale-Conant Corporation offers a FREE online mission statement builder.

The online mission statement builder had me done in 15 minutes. Yes...You heard it correctly...A fully functional, clear and concise, ready to hang-on-the-wall Andre's Personal Mission Statement.

Want to see my mission statement???

Andre’s Mission Statement

My Purpose is to Express MY Dedication to providing Tangible Value to Others.

A Real Commitment to having nothing less than an abundance of intimate personal relationships with others.

To help accomplish and to have this abundance, I MAXIMIZE my 16 daily hours. I Limit Drift and Lazy Leisure Habits.

I have an Attitude and Behavior to Git-R-Done by offering My Personal and Creative Services that go BEYOND EXPECTATIONS!

I accomplish this by Giving and Having a Bountiful DESIRE to accept nothing less than a Spirit of Non-Negativity from My Family and Others.

I Am A Healthy, Prosperous, and Whole Human Being…

Hire Me to Write Your Resume

This is Andre from dba/AVMWERKS. As the principal resume writer, website publisher, and owner of eResumes4Vips, I have been helping job-seeking clients since 2008. In addition to publishing a successful resume writing website, I have delivered high quality corporate, military, federal service, health care, and retail service employment resumes and portfolios to clients for over a decade.

Please submit your existing resume for editing and revision. Contact me thereafter to discuss pricing. And then, I will send the revised resume back to you.

IF you want your resume published, then I can post to the site (only with your permission),

--Your Privacy will be Guarded; no sharing with 3rd Parties (per our TOS/Privacy site policy)--

Achieving Personal Success

SUCCESS Magazine (another resume helper media) offers many of the same said motivational products as does Nightingale-Conant; with one exception. SUCCESS Magazine publishes a bi-monthly success magazine (duh). The August 2008 magazine features The Donald (a VIP member of Andre's Mastermind Group & President of Trump University).

SUCCESS is focused on a single niche. That is, Business and Personal Success! Publisher, Darren Hardy, continues to "push the envelope" with each and every magazine bi-monthly issue. For instance, the "SUCCESS Disc" that is included with the magazine as a page-in insert (kudos to the person that came up with the packaging how-to).

The SUCCESS Disc is two-sided (ok, so what Andre...). One side is an audio seminar that features two or even three super success motivators (Anthony Robbins, Paul Meyer, and John Maxwell among others). The flip side is a DVD. Visually-formatted as the audio side, yet with one real difference. The DVD side will feature conversely different speakers giving a talk to a large audience.

I was spellbound from the visual presentations from Les Brown and Kim Kiyosaki (a tremendous businesswoman in her own right, and married to that "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" guy, Robert Kiyosaki). The best part of SUCCESS magazine is the SUCCESS Store.

Books, CDs, Posters, and DVDs from the Best of the Best (Best of Breed) Success Motivators. My latest purchase was a copy of SUCCESS 2008 Dallas Texas Symposium.

A 6-CD (audio) collection at an Unbelievable Fire Sale Price (it was cheap because, as a Success Magazine subscriber, I was alerted to their pre-distribution pricing). I invite you to visit the SUCCESS Store; your visit could solve a problem or may even help you to figure out what it is that may be holding you back.

"If You Become What You Read ( and You Do!)...You Are Bound for Greatness! -D. Hardy, SUCCESS Publisher and Editorial Director

Hey Gang, Apple iTunes is in the Resume Helper business...Oh Yeah, this ain't Yo Grandma's iPod. Not just Hip Music; real beef jerky resume helper media resources.

Many of you know about podcasts and videocast; and of course, e-Books can be of great use. Steve Jobs' Apple ITunes offers both Free and For-Fee resume help resources. Many University Career Service department contribute podcast (University of Arizona and Texas A&M University are major podcast contributors).

A podcast, or an audio recording in a digital format, offers a really cool way to take it with you. iTunes will use a wave file format organic to an Apple iTunes computer or iPod. Still, many of the files will convert to a MP3 format which can be enjoyed either on Windows Media Player or a Non-Apple player.

I will update this page very soon to give you the Apple iTunes For-Fee resume helper resources. Another 'gleam-in-my-eye' is to set-up a free RSS feed, e-zine, and an Andre Resume (free) Podcast placed within Apple iTunes Store. How Do You Like That for a Serious Resume Helper Media Resource!

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