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Religion is a Cornerstone of our existence. Career seekers sometimes must reach into something deeper and bigger than oneself.

Moreover, Religion provides a conduit, medium, and/or channel to connect with Something Higher that myself...

Quoting from the Holy Bible (KJV), it is said {regarding career issues}: "If God be for me {us}, Who can be against me {us}?"

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What's Religion
Got to Do With It?

I'm a Churchgoer; I have a Religion of the Episcopal Faith. Yet, I don't consider myself Religious...I'm a Believer. No this isn't a play-on-words; not an oxymoron.

Simply, Religion (call it what you will, Faith - Belief -etc.) has a place within both our daily lives as well as our career exploration. Particularly, I see the "Handwriting on the Wall" when I examine Humankind's history.

While preparing for an academic assignment, I began researching principles of gratitude & attitude, thanksgiving and meaning. Nowhere are the principles of Meaning better expressed than within the pages of Viktor Frankl's, " Man's Search For Meaning."

Dr. Frankl postulates (his theory and thoughts) that "it is not what Life means to us, but what We mean to life. Simply, Life's Meaning is our "Fulfillment of the Future's Meaning"...Our Divine purpose!

Moreover, Viktor Frankl suggests his book, that we fulfill our purpose and meaning via Right Action [coupled with] and Right Conduct. (page 98)

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Final Thoughts

Taken from a Sunday sermon of the Rector of St. Christopher's Episcopal Church @Killeen Texas, Rev. [Father] Paul Moore spoke about the "The Kingdom of Abundance".

Here's a snippet of that sermon:
"There is a story of an Argentine shoemaker who grumbled at the squalor of his life. A [Rich] Man listened to him and asked, "I tell you what...I will give $1,000 (USD) for your arms." "WHAT?" cried the shoemaker.

"What are you saying? $1,000 for my arms? You've got yo be kidding. Without my arms, I can't make a living. I won't be able to hug my wife and children!"

"Well enough," said the man. "I'll give you $10,000 for [both] of your feet." "Huh...What...You're Crazy!" said the Argentinian shoemaker. "Without my feet, I could not come to work everyday...couldn't take my family on walks in the park. I won't even understand what it means to be able to wear shoes."

Continuing to up the ante, the [Rich] man offers his final proposition: "I'll give you $100,000 (USD) for your eyes." "You're COMPLETELY out of your mind {Mad, I tell ya}," said the shoemaker.

"Without eyes, I cannot see, nor work, neither watch the Sun rise up from the east. Neither will I be able to gaze upon the beauty of my wife and children. No, No, No!" shouted the Argentinian.

The [Rich] man then said, "You (shoemaker) have {both} your hands, your feet, and your eyes. There are many who do not. You complain of your poverty {squalor}, yet You Have Million$$$!"

Father [Paul] Moore concludes, "Who would have guessed that the Shoemaker {metaphorically, 'WE'} was so well provided for?

Practice's free, inexpensive, and beneficial. Why not try it! Dr. Peale's, Peale Center for Christian Living, published "Believe that Problems Do Have Answers...That They Can Be Overcome; And That You Can Solve Them."

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