Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar, aka Resume Helper Ziglar

The Greatest Motivator in the Entire Universe! Zig-Ziglar, Mastermind Boardmember, aka resume helper ziglar, is my "Chief Cheerleader."

Find or ask any professional and successful salesperson, trainer, or business manager; and ask the question, "have you ever heard of Zig-Ziglar?

The answer will be a yes...then they'll talk your ear off. Praising and praising him as their main source of daily motivation.

Zig Ziglar, A Tremendous Resume Helper

I became attracted to Ziglar while attending Windshield University. Huh, never heard of Windshield University?

Zig explains that business people and salespersons spend almost half of their day, working in their car...driving from appointment to appointment.

Where is your head while driving to your appointments;Glued to your Car Windshield!

Zig-Ziglar (aka resume helper ziglar) says that we can best use this 'dead time' by listening to audio tapes (CDs or Mp3s). These audio lessons work best by listening to content related to improving and bettering our thinking (are you starting to get this whole resume helper Ziglar thing??).

Both Zig and I strongly believe that you should be listening to the greatest motivational talks and stories, to whom else, Zig Ziglar himself.

The Power of Questions...

Zig taught me about the power of questions. President (the late) John F. Kennedy commented, referencing the Space race to the Moon, "some dream dreams and ask why; while others dream dreams and ask, why not?"

Self-made Millionaires don't ask Why...they ask How! Both Zig and Brian Tracy have taught me to always to ask myself, when faced with a problem, is to ask myself, "How Can I Get What I Want?"

How does Zig's (aka resume helper Ziglar) 'questioning' apply to resumes, interviewing, and careers? The truth is...Nothing...yet EVERYTHING.

Smart Interviewers ask job applicants questions, in such a way, as to 'peel back the banana' to get down to the soft center.

By understanding this 'questioning power,' you will know what to expect from the interviewer's questions. And of course, You will have business-relevant questions of your own to pose to the job interviewer.

Lastly, Zig-Ziglar is in his late 70's...pushing 80. His outlook on life, personal dynamism, and contagious enthusiasm is more powerful now than when I first discovered him in 1976. Ziglar's works can be found at Zig-Ziglar Inc and SUCCESS Store (an online success library store subsidiary of Success Magazine).

You owe it to yourself to learn more about Zig (Mister resume helper Ziglar); go to his website and subscribe to his newletter or visit Apple iTunes. Search for Zig-Ziglar; subscribe to his FREE podcasts.

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