How to Land an Exciting Career after College

by Publisher, eResumes4Vips
(Texas, USA)

Recent graduates are advised to have a Plan B when it comes to finding a job after graduation. Many college and high school job seekers will need to pound the pavement to find jobs.

Students with concentrations in real estate, accounting, finance and other struggling sectors are facing even choppier waters when applying for jobs.


The Good News
1. Don't rule out temporary positions.
a. Some companies use staffing agencies to fill their temp positions.
b. These types of positions allow you to get in the door, and a chance to display your work ethic.

2. Consider a different job sector. While you may not want to think the degree you worked so hard for is out of fashion, you may need to consider this when job hunting.

3. Many graduates have little to no real world experiences. That brand new accounting degree doesn't mean you can?t apply for customer service positions.

4. Networking really is the key.
a. Although many people would like to think they'll be hired based on their merit and experience, many times it's a "who you know" situation.
b. Joining career groups, interning, keeping in touch with individuals, volunteering and other interactions are a great way to get your name out there.

5. Be on top of your game.
a. Be prepared for the interview. Rehearse answers to commonly asked questions.
b. Your resume should be concise, clear and error free.

6. Don't be discouraged.
a. In a perfect job market it can take a few months to land a job, so it may take longer.
b. Start your search early- even before graduation- so you have time.
c. Have a backup plan, such as a part-time job, while waiting on your dream job. It may not be your ideal job, but you will have some financial freedom while waiting on a full-time position.

-Originally published by the Fort Hood Army Community Service Employment Readiness Branch. (

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