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The How To Prepare Resume 7-Easy-Steps Guide

How Do You Prepare a Resume? Simple...Like Eating a Burger, One Bite At A Time!

How to prepare a resume isn't as hard as you think (especially with the help of eResumes4Vips).

Also, before I forget, come to grips with your pending F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) of or after-shocked job loss.

The 7 Secret Steps to
Prepare Your Resume

How to Prepare Resume action steps.

  1. Step One: Investigate Your Job Strengths; marry your strengths with the job posted description.
  2. Step Two: Get Familiar with the technical pieces or parts of a resume (review all of the pages of
  3. Step Three: Begin with the End Result in Mind (i.e. BARTENDER...find out what the job skills are for a bartender and tailor your resume toward that goaled end result).
  4. Step Four: WRITE...Write...write...
  5. Step Five: REVISE and REWRITE...Revise and Rewrite...revise and rewrite.
  6. Step Six: Have Trusted and KNOWLEDGEABLE confidants review and critique your resume draft(s). Ask for and ACCEPT critical feedback.
  7. Step Seven: Spit and Polish, Spit and Polish, Spit and Polish, etc...etc...

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The Three MOST Valuable Tools
of How to Resume Preparation

Regarding the nuts and bolts of how to prepare resume, you must have these 3 valuable don't leave home without 'em tools on your resume tool belt:

1) A Dictionary

2) A Thesaurus

3) A Local or Metropolitan Newspaper (classifieds and all)

Your resume toolbox, complete with the 3 tools, adds craftsmanship to your how to prepare resume building work. Can't find the write word? Sounds like?? Look-it-Up!

Search: for

Find you word or words in the Dictionary; then, find a Better Word in your Thesaurus. For example, the word WORK could be replaced with the word EXECUTE as given by your Thesaurus example listing.

Lastly, your newspaper will alert you to jobs, job fairs, networking events, and items of interest. You NEVER knoweth from whence yonder new job lead cometh!

Speaking of Newspapers...

Read the newspaper! That’s where the jobs are. Have you heard of the "hidden Job market?" Yes, the jobs are hidden...on page 14D.

Let's face it. You and I don't really care that much about how to prepare resume writing. We really care about security, jobs, wages, earning a decent wage, providing service to others, etc..Yet, how to prepare resume writing is a necessary evil. Agreed?

Learn more about newspaper classified section job-hunting...
The Hidden Secrets of a Successful How to Prepare Resume and Job Search...You will Never-Ever become a Success, UNLESS, You Learn to...

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How to Make a Resume is the question--and Pongo Resume Service has the right answers.

You see, Pongo is a Do-it-Yourself (DIY), how to prepare resume internet-based service that is a complete all-in-one package.

Writing a resume is much like writing a paper for school. Every detail contributes – positively or negatively – to your final "grade."

Like teachers, hiring managers look for a cohesive story; a persuasive argument; a neat, well organized appearance; and of course, perfect spelling and grammar. These lessons will help your resume make the grade with hiring managers.

Time was, a company would hire you and move you up the ladder once or twice, earning you the tag of “lifer.” You would toil for the same company from your 20s until you retired with a healthy pension. For sure, times have changed and it’s imperative that you learn how to make a resume as well as manage your own career, and figure out where your next job can take you.

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