Get Organized To Achieve Your Goals

by Rick Gentle
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Here is an organized way to achieve your goals... one-at-a-time:

1 - Buy A Binder, 20 Dividers, And A Ream Of Three-Hole Paper Title This Your Goals Binder

2 - Title Your First Divider: My Dream List - In This Section Of Your Binder You Write Down A List Of Everything You Ever Wanted To Accomplish, To Have, To Do, To Achieve, To Be, Places You Want To Go To, Things You Want To Own, Things You Want To Learn, Etc. Keep Adding To Your List Everyday For A Week.

Don't Think Of Reasons Why It Can't Be Done Or Any Negative Thoughts At All. There Is An Unlimited Source Of Power Available To You To Achieve Whatever It Is You Want In Life As Long As You Don?t Infringe On Others In Any Way.

3 - The Next Binder Titles Will Be Listed As Follows: - Financial, Career, Health, Recreation, Personality, Family, Self-Image, Spiritual, Social, Mental, Character And Physical.

4 - Put Several Sheets Of Paper In Each Section. Then, Take Each Item Listed On Your Dream List. One-At-A-Time, And Copy It In The Proper Section.

Ex: Go To Europe (Under Recreation), Go To Church (Spiritual), Save $100 Per Month (Financial), Have Family Gatherings Often (Family) Build My Discipline (Character), Take A 30 Minute Walk After Dinner Three Nights Per Week (Physical) Drink 8 Glasses Of Water A Day (Health) Read More Self Improvement Books (Mental), Learn More About My Job (Career), Do Some Volunteer Work (Social), Become A Better Listener (Personality) Dress Better And Dress Up More Often (Self-Image)

5 - Next, Go Through Each Section And Redo Each List In The Order Of Ease Of Accomplishment (Put The Easiest Goals To Accomplish First And The Hardest Goals To Achieve Last On Your Individual Lists)

6 - Now, From Each Category Section, Pick The Easiest Goal You Can Find And List Them All On One Sheet Of Paper To Look At Every day. Don't Forget To Make The Goals So Easy It Is Impossible To Fail Or Make Excuses Because You Failed.

At The End Of Each Week, You Want To Be Able To Say I Achieved Twelve Goals. Gradually, You Can Make The Goals A Little Harder, Like The Man Who Lifted A Baby Cow Every day Until It Was Full Grown. He Worked His Way Up To It.

Examples: Nine Goals I Will Achieve This Week; For The Week Of: From _______To______.

*My Financial Goal. Get On A Budget Based On My Present Income.
*My Recreation Goal. Spend Thirty Minutes Per Day On My Hobbies.
*My Spiritual Goal. Say A Prayer Of Thanks Every day.

My Family Goal. Write A Letter Or Send A Greeting Card To A Family Member.

My Character Goal. Make A List Of Character Traits I Would Like To Improve On, And Start Working On Them.

*My Physical Goal. Do 15 Minutes Of Exercise Every Day.
*My Health Goal. Start Reading A Book On Health.

*My Mental Goal. I Will Set Some Very Easy Mental Goals And Get Started On One.

*My Career Goal. I Will Make A List Of Goals To Work On That Will Help Me Advance In My Career.

*My Social Goal. I Will Be Kinder To People I Come Into Contact With.

*My Personality Goal. I Will Practice Being A Better Listener And Become More Interested In People.

*My Self-Image Goal. I Will Spend An Extra 20 Minutes A Day Grooming Myself. Do This Weekly

7 - The Next Binder Divider Title Should Be, My Treasure Map. In This Section, Put All Of The Pictures You Can Find That Remind You Of Your Goals. One Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words.

Also, You Can Get A Poster Board To Hang On A Wall And Paste Your Pictures On It So That You Can See Them Easily And Be Reminded, And Fantasize On What It Would Be Like To Have Them Now.

Examples: If You Want A Motor Home Some Day; Get A Picture Of One To Paste In This Section. Or A Picture Of A Cruise Ship You Would Like To Go On Someday.

Or A Picture Of Yourself When You Were Younger And Had A Healthier Looking Body. If You Want To Live In A Beautiful House Overlooking The Ocean.

Start Looking Through Magazines And Sales Brochures For Pictures To Cut Out And Paste In Your Treasure Map Section Of Your Goals Binder

8 Title Your Next Binder Divider, Wins... In This Section Keep A List Of All Of The Goals You Have Accomplished So Far. Every Now And Then, Look Over Your List To Remind Yourself How Good You Are Doing. This Will Inspire You To Keep Setting More Goals.

9 The Next Binder Divider Is Titled, Rewards... Make A List Of Rewards You Are Going To Treat Yourself And Your Family To After Accomplishing Each Of Your Major Goals.

A Goal Should Be Thought Of As Already Accomplished. Don't Let The Steam Out Of The Bottle - Don?t Share Your Goals With Anyone, Unless They Are Members Of Your Master Mind Alliance Group.

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