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Military Resume Writing is a One-Way Street. Getting into the U.S. or U.K. Army, Navy, Air Force (R.A.F.), or Marines is easy (provided you have the basic qualification for enlistment).

Recruiters will canvas far and wide for quality enlistees.

For whatever reason, many Soldiers, Sailor, Airmen, and Marines run for cover...that is, they head for the main gate. I'm stumbling to say that these military members have a strong desire to return and transition from national service into their former civilian life.

That's where eResumes4Vips enters the battlefield. The Civilian job market is a battlefield; get a military resume and don't throw away your military training. Guerrila-warfare expertise will be needed to navigate the land mines of civilian job employment.

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Let's Talk a Minute about Getting Out

Of Course, you will need a transitional military resume for civilian life. But, "Look Before You Leap!" My Grandmother, Mom, and Dad all "drilled" this into my head. After serving honorably with the US Army for 20 years (good training for military resume writing), I KNOW how you feel. But lets look at the advantages versus the disadvantages. The Pros and Cons.

In the sales profession, we call this the Ben(jamin) Franklin close. For our purpose, we are going to use a 21st century cutting-edge decision-making tool called SearchIt!
Truly Amazing...take the time, use this tool...believe it or not, its completely free. Just like the military resume writing sample from eResumes4Vips...

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Find Your Niche

If I Join-Up, Will I Have to Go to Iraq?

This section applies to potential recruits "thinking" of entering military service.

To enter the military, you won't need a military resume now. But the bigger question is: "Will I Have to Go to Iraq or Afghanistan upon enlisting into the U.S. Army Forces?" The Answer: A Definite and Possible...Yes! There...we've put it on the table.

Yet, Iraq presents an opportunity for the Professional Military Soldier. The list includes:

1) Good Promotion selection slots.

2) Really Great Bonus money paid to you {tax-free} by Uncle Sam.

3) Travel & Culturally-Enriching Life Experiences.

4) Iraq Military Service looks Really Good on a military resume transition-to-civilian resume .

5) Fifth and finally, to further our National Interests.

General Officer insignia

The Military to Civilian Resume

When it comes to transitioning from the Military to the Civilian sector, the most important step is without a doubt your military resume as it must showcase that your military skills are transferable.

Civilian Resumes are more than just a list of qualifications and experience. They are sales tools aiming at selling your skills and abilities to employers so that you are invited for an interview.

There are several things you should take into consideration when writing your military transition resume:

1. Be careful to the terminology. You must submit your resume in civilian terms, not in military terms. Your Resume must be written in a Military-to-Civilian conversion format. The Military Transition format is a bridge between the military way of speaking and doing and the civilian business world.

2. Your resume must be focused. Highlight the skills, abilities and accomplishments that you have, which fit the job you are applying to. If the information does not relate to the position you are applying to, do not include it.

3. Your resume has to be written in an interesting manner so that it captures the attention of the reader. It should also be written in a way that makes it stand out: Make your resume different from the rest while maintaining professionalism.

4. Spell check and proofread your resume.

5. Send a Cover letter and a thank you letter.

6. Leave a direct phone number and make sure your voice mail greeting is professional sounding (no long sound clips or slang). Also, do not use a military e-mail address or an e-mail address featuring inappropriate content.

The Resume Cover Letter Civilian EOD Resume Sample

A Military Resume Writing assignment is the toughest set of marching orders you have ever received. Hands sweating...heart pumping...mouth dry like a desert vagabond. Ok, Ready-Fire-Aim...
Still Thinking About Getting Out? There's Big Bucks Overseas

The Military Takes Care of Her Own

In the Army, or after a honorable discharge, Vets are never alone. Even when the nation (sometimes) take away with a deaf ear, Veterans look out for one another. That's why I say, "Always declare and actively seek your veterans' preference hiring privileges."

There are many Service Organizations out there whose sole mission is to help and assists Vets. Not a Hand-Out, but a Hand-Up. Further, the Military, especially the US Army, employs an army of civilians.
The process is somewhat cumbersome...you'll need a resume, of course,and also an Official (Army) Job Application Kit ...Good luck!

Military Clothing, military-style clothing, military name tapes and supplies.

Still Serving Proudly...Veterans Rock!

Andre Milteer, M.A. (Chief Resume Writer)

As an Armed Forces Veteran, I celebrated the November 2008, USA Veterans Day holiday. For the first time, in a long time,
I discovered a sense of patriotism and esprit de corps within myself.

I had not felt the heartstrings of national pride and honor for along while. Our (Jan 09) President and Commander-In-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama mantra of "Yes We Can!" moved me to jump on the band-wagon.

So inspired am I, that I submitted news articles and produced videos reflecting my newfound bleeding nationalistic pride.

How to Get a Us Gov't Job

from wikiHow - The How to Manual That You Can Edit
The US economy is "Slowing Down;" yet the federal government will continue to add to Civil Service positions. No you won't get rich, but you'll live 'darn comfortable.'


  1. First thing is to match your skillset with that of the government's job vacancies. The US Government is one of the World's largest employers...they also are the "Mother of Systems & Procedures."
  2. Next, decide what "Branch" you would like for: Military, Federal department(s), Quasi-Governmental (i.e. USPS or AAFES), Domestic or International.
  3. Use the internet and search engines to research What & Where the government jobs are (i.e. usajobs.gov)


  • Read ALL of the job requirements
  • Learn & decipher the acronyms and lingo (i.e. OMB, OPF-12, SAR)
  • Check your Credit history; fix any issues
  • Pay up your delinquent Parking, Speeding tickets (if any)
  • Make sure your Income tax is in good-standing with the IRS (another great gov't source of jobs; especially temp-to-hire)


  • If you have any criminal, immigration, or on-going divorce/child support issues, Think-Twice-Before-Applying.
  • The Hiring Process is Very Slow! Don't terminate your job search

Things You'll Need

Article provided by wikiHow, a collaborative writing project to build the world's largest, highest quality how-to manual. Please edit this article and find author credits at the original wikiHow article on How to Get a Us Gov't Job. All content on wikiHow can be shared under a Creative Commons license.

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Did you know that the US Armed Forces employ Graphic Designers? These Soldiers, Sailors, and Guardsmen (female gender inclusive) provide a vital service to our National Security.

Do you want a military resume writing sample for a Graphic Designer?
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