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August 30, 2010
Dear Friends,

How to Remain Positive

Everywhere we turn, bad news awaits. Pick up a newspaper...BAM, Unemployment claims are up XYZ percent. The Government should do this; they should do that. No one is hiring...the list goes on and on. Bad News travels fast.

But for now, letís put on our rosy-colored sunglasses. Pop the top on a cold bottle of ginger-peach tea. Letís get into the zone; what zone (I hear you asking)? Why of course, The Positive Expectation Zone (what other zones are there)...

To prepare us for our trek, we take three deep breaths. Ready, One. Ready two...three. Ok, now yoga stretching. Bend left; bend right--bend for toe touch. Close your eyes and imagine that your pockets are filled with South African gold kruegarands. I don't know about you all, but I'm really feeling the energy.

Lastly, repeat this mantra or affirmation: 'Everything from Above REALLY Loves Me...this Advantage REALLY helps me to succeed.' Now, time for some down and dirty, nitty-gritty, truth-talking for real self-analysis.

You've been really tough on yourself lately...haven't you. Itís hard to keep your head up. Even your own close loved ones (husband, wife, close friends) have begun to question your abilities to succeed. Where are you now? You're at the crossroads...the fork in the road. Author, M. Scott Peck, writes about this place in his bestselling book, The Road Less Traveled.

That road is the High Road. The hard one...full of danger, bombs and booby traps. That road is the one where we make a decision to walk away from a Great Paying job to pursue our dream of owning a business, or a life changing career such as the ministry or teaching.

What about those of you that have been unemployed for awhile. Money tight or exhausted? House foreclosed? Depressed? Right on; you're living La Vida Loca. You're experiencing life--without the glitz and glamour. Now hear this!

You have a bigger purpose than right now; this time and space continuum. Your bigger purpose is to simply survive and get through it. Or, as in my case, it is to stick my neck out and accept the success or failure that comes with my career-changing decision. I don't know what your cross-to-bear is; or what your we-shall-overcome-someday battle is. But hear this, you have a choice...

You can choose to become negative, bitter, angry, upset, depressed, and regretful. OR, you can make an alternative choice. Choose to Be Positive! How do you remain positive? Simple...You Make a Choice to be Positive. Keep your head to the sky, my friends. Love be to you all.

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Always, in closing, my motto is..."The Possibilities are Endless!" Bottom-line: Choose to Be Positive versus Negative. It's a CHOICE, People. ~With Love, Andre (aka eResumes4Vips); 'The Encouragement Guy!'

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