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September 19, 2010
Dear Friends,

What Dreams Did You Want to Achieve

When we were little kids, we all had a dream(s). "When I grow up, Iím gonna be a Star-Basketball player in the N.B.A.!"ÖI stated more than once to both family and friends. How about you? What did you tell people you wanted to be whenÖ?

Fast forward to the present. Did you make it come true? Your Dreams--My DreamsÖhow did it all turn out for each of us. Ok, Iíll go first. I did become a N.B.A. Star. Huh, what, youíve never heard of Kobe Bryant. My name is Kobe BÖYeah rightóand one of you all out there is Donald Trump. True, I AM Kobe; In My Dreams.

Dreams have its place. But somehow, as we age, we stop dreaming. Itís not that we lose the power or the ability to dreamÖitís that we began to stop believing in the magic of dreams in and of itself. Whatís the risk? Iíll tell ya. Iím afraid that someone--somewhere--will call me (50 year old Blogger) a DREAMER! Blasphemy! Egads; someone has called you or I, A Dreamer! The Dreaded ĎDí word.

Letís peel back the banana, shall we. Have you all heard of the Inner Child? Truth--there is an inner child within all of us. Yet as adults, we often lock the "Child" in the closet, basement, or wine cellar. The child is bound, gagged, and barely kept alive via bread and water subsistence.

However, The Child wonít die--canít die! In the metaphysical or spiritual sense, as well as in the physical--flesh and blood reality, children are very resilient. Fall down, trip over, scrape a knee, or perhaps breaking an arm. The [Inner] Child is strong, tough, and has a bounce-back.

The late President John F. Kennedy said this about the U.S. space exploration program. "Some [wo] men dream dreams and Ask Why? While others dream dreams and ask, Why Not?" Conclusion: Dreams are visionaryÖsimilar to an artist painting a work of art unto a blank canvas. The shape of things to come.

Our work is to feed the belief and the hope. Translation: The Dream! Famous philosophers, politicians, civic leaders, and military generals have all spoken and acted upon the faith and confidence of their Big Dream. Dr. Martin Luther King said, ďI Dream of a day when little black boys and girls will play together with little white boys and girls.Ē

Dare to dreamóagain. Sure, someone will call you or me a Dreamer. Our reply to them is this, "Thanks, I needed that!" Happy Dreaming, DreamersÖ

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Always, in closing, my motto is..."The Possibilities are Endless!" Bottom-line: Choose to Be Positive versus Negative. It's a CHOICE, People. ~With Love, Andre (aka eResumes4Vips); 'The Encouragement Guy!'

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