Being a Life Insurance Agent May Be Right For You

by New York Life Ins Co

Bright Spot on Employment:
Being a Life Insurance Agent May Be Right For You

(NewsUSA) - A Fortune 100 company is hiring in your community. Sound too good to be true? It's true. While the national unemployment statistics have continued to rise, and the economic downturn continues to leave many Americans jobless, one company is reversing this trend across the country. New York Life Insurance Company is growing its business and recruiting.

Have you ever dreamed of earning a good living while creating your own work schedule and at the same time helping individuals and families in your community? Are you interested in pursuing a career where you are fairly compensated based on the hours and effort you put forth with unlimited potential for growth?

As a life insurance agent you can do all of this while enjoying a stimulating career. Further, you will be in a position to help people realize their financial goals -- whether that's funding an education for one's children, buying a home, or planning for retirement. Working with families to provide life insurance protection can be an extremely rewarding career, in addition to the income potential and flexibility it offers.

Becoming an agent is a great opportunity for recent college graduates, for those who are looking for a new professional challenge, or for those professional agents who may be looking to work for a company that's stable and has the highest possible ratings for financial strength.

Many of the most successful agents previously were employed as nurses, teachers, coaches or entrepreneurs involved in other business ventures. It's also an extremely attractive career for women, and the number of women selling insurance is rapidly growing.

As an agent for New York Life, you are eligible for generous benefits, will receive comprehensive training and can pursue a fulfilling profession. You will be proudly affiliated with the largest mutual life insurance company in the United States; a company known for its humanity, integrity and financial strength.

Contact New York Life today to find out if a career as a life insurance agent is right for you or someone you know. Visit, or write to New York Life Insurance Company, 51 Madison Ave., New York, N.Y., 10010, for more information.

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