Caroline Kennedy Student Resume Sample

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Caroline Kennedy

1500 School Way; New York, NY

(917)508-6437; eResumes4Vips

In the resume there will be various categories, which should be bold, capitalized, and underlined. These include professional experience, education, and skills.

Remember, the student resume is a document about you. It's like an advertisement where you are trying to sell yourself to the potential employer. Make sure to triple and quadruple check each and every word -- no one wants to hire someone who makes careless mistakes.

It's usually a good idea to keep it simple -- Times New Roman or Arial are most common, point size from 10-12. The most important part -- keep it to one page. Employers want to see the information right away and don't need to be flipping through your life story.


It's exactly what it states. Where have you worked before? And what were your duties at each place? Start with the most recent experience first.

If you are currently working, place that job first and write the date you started until present.

You may want to "google" your own name and see what you come up with. Your online persona is an important part of who you are and how others perceive you.

If you haven't had many jobs before, include anywhere you've worked so that you can put your responsibilities there as well. Even if you've worked at a store and don't think that's significant enough, it is...


Here you put any institution of higher education in which you have attended or are attending. If you have an exceptional GPA, But if you don't have the best GPA, I really don't feel that it will be an issue if you're a good worker.

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