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How DISH Network Almost Lost My Business
October 23, 2011

How DISH Network Almost Lost My Business

Got home Friday afternoon round 3:30ish. Having the house all to myself, I was looking forward to some SERIOUS TV time. Turned on the tube; no pic, no sound, no signal. Translation: No relaxing )=;

After going through the motions of unplugging the unit, self-diagnostics, and some internal combustion (aka frustration), I made the dreaded call to DISH.


Spoke with two technicians; the first was useless, and the second was almost useless. They told me that I'd have to wait 7 days for a service call to the house. How many of you all woulda/coulda wait 7 days for TV service?

Calling back the next day, Rod related that I was not scheduled for service...that I "declined." Huh?

In a calm voice, I asked Rod to terminate my account. I was canceling and moving on. Wait a minute; then Rod transferred me to the Dish Account Loyalty Team. The Loyalty account rep, Kathy, asked if I'd be happy to receive same-day on-site tech support TODAY?

Ok, send him out...I'll stay. The tech came out @5, fixed my problem by switching out a box, and Voila!


Ok eResumes4Vips readers, to get what you want in life, there are 3 lessons to be learned from my experience today:

1) Stay Calm & Focused 2) Define WHAT will make you happy

And Most important (#3)-- Be Specific and Ask Intelligently for what you want and need.

I wanted better service; I needed my TV. I asked and was prepared to go elsewhere to obtain my wants and needs. What do you want, need, and desire? Go Big -- Dream Big -- Desire It!

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Until the next time, Peace and Love to all. Be Encouraged! ~Andre

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