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In Celebration of the Life-Changing 100th e-zine mailing to You!
September 15, 2012
Hello Everyone

100th e-Mailing: Change Your Thinking and Change Your Life

I am so pleased to be sending you this 100th e-mailout. I'm so jazzed; I hope you will be too. Caution: by continuing to read on, this could cause you to have a LIFE-CHANGING EXPERIENCE (as it did for me back in 2008).

Do you feel that you're in control of your destiny ... or do you believe that life is a series of random events? If you chose the second option, there's good news and bad news ...

The good news is that you're not alone. This is what most people believe. The bad news is ... believing that success is primarily due to luck practically guarantees that you'll achieve limited results in life. This is called the Law of Accident.

On the flip side, people who believe in the Law of Control - that you'll feel happy about yourself to the degree to which you feel you're in control of your life - are much more likely to succeed.

During Peak Potentials' most recent Warp Speed Success event, "The Power of Goals," CEO Adam Markel and personal achievement expert Brian Tracy discussed this concept in detail.

This is a foundational piece of creating bigger success, so I wanted to remind you to listen before the replay disappears at midnight on Friday, September 21st...

Listen to the replay of "The Power of Goals" here:

One of the world's best-known thought leaders on personal and business success, Brian has consulted with more than 1,000 companies and spoken to more than 5 million people worldwide on the subject of personal and professional development in the past 30 years. He's traveled and worked in more than 80 countries, and he speaks four languages.

A top-selling author of 54 books that have been translated into dozens of languages, Brian has also written and produced more than 300 audio and video learning programs, including the worldwide best-selling Psychology of Achievement.

Listen to the call now here:

Tune in to discover: *The difference between goals and fantasies ... and the #1 reason that people don't have goals. *The 3 essential ingredients you need to have to achieve any goal *A modern-day phenomenon that can easily sabotage your goals if you're not vigilant. *One of the easiest ways to energize yourself ... and why this is a critical step in goal achievement.

*The 4 most important ways that self-esteem impacts your success ... and the surprising way that goal-setting boosts the way you feel about yourself. *Proven techniques you can use to get into the goal-achievement mindset. *The universal law that explains why most people achieve only moderate levels of success (if any) ... and which principle to adopt instead. *The easiest way to create energy and focus around what you want to achieve in your life. *The hands-down most important thing to do first when setting goals (hint: this explains why most people don't get what they want) *The life-transforming principle that enables you to accomplish 10 times as much as the average person. *How to leverage "positive addiction" to create greater success in all areas of your life. *The most common mistakes that people make when it comes to setting and achieving goals. *A shocking and counterintuitive rule to follow if you want to succeed faster. *The single-most debilitating thing that limits your ability to achieve your full potential. *And much more...

Get to the replay here:

To achieve massive success, it's essential that you believe with every fiber of your being that YOU create your reality. That's why I love Peak's Millionaire Mind Intensive so much ... it's a core concept that they teach.

You see, you may find that you agree with this idea intellectually. But deep down, you have doubt. You think that it may be true for others ... but you're not that powerful.

These limiting beliefs are normal. During the Millionaire Mind Intensive, they'll help you dig deep to find the negative thoughts lurking in your subconscious mind so you can replace them with more supportive beliefs.

The best part? You can attend this weekend program for F-R-E-E as Adam's guest. You'll master the inner game of wealth by participating in fun and life-changing exercises. These activities will help you identify and shift the powerful beliefs and hidden blocks that are sabotaging your success - including the beliefs around your ability to achieve success.

You'll also master the outer game of wealth, discovering practical business strategies and what works today to earn money and build wealth. When you attend a Peak Potentials event, you change permanently at a cellular level. So you don't just walk out on a "seminar high" only to see life go back to normal a few weeks later.

I know because I've attended the MMI myself (2008 & 2010).

But don't just take my word for it.

See for yourself. Accept your complimentary ticket here >>

To your success, Andre, Publisher of

P.S. The Millionaire Mind Intensive is coming to a city near you. Click here to reserve your guest pass

Here's what MMI grads have to say about their experience...

"Harv's [Millionaire Mind Intensive] was high energy, filled with insights and valuable "take-away" information. In less than 2 months after the seminar, I had my highest income month in over 4 years! And my monthly commissions are now consistently 20% higher than last year!" --Darrell Ross, Business Network International

"Eighteen months ago, we were over $150,000 in debt. We are now debt-free and we own two companies worth over a quarter of a million dollars." --Daniel Donaghy

"Both my professional and personal life have benefited immensely. Twenty-Four months ago my net worth was about $80,000, but I was $45,000 in BAD DEBT on lines of credit and credit cards. After [the MMI], I developed a new way of thinking and today I have Absolutely NO DEBT and my net worth is about $225,000 and growing quickly! Thank you Harv!" --Carl Proskin, Business Manager, Group Telecom

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Until the next time, Peace and Love to all. Be Encouraged!

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