Early Childhood Athletic Trainer

by Claire Cathleen Farley
(Gold Hill, OR, USA)

Objective: My ultimate goal is to work closely with people. Especially enjoy children, but I find it gratifying when I can simply help anyone.

Summary: High energy, consummate professional with well-rounded business savvy, commitment to excellence and proven reputation seeks a challenging sales opportunity. Willing to assume auxillary duties as facility front desk attendant, gymnastics coach, secretarial, and other duties as prescribed.

Athletic Training Skills:
One year of volleyball in high school as well as 8 years of gymnastics, this included competition and a growing expertise on all apparatus. I have developed strength, coordination and a strong work ethic.

Social skills, discipline and determination can be attributed to the many years in the gym. But one of the greatest assets was and is confidence in working with (and performing) in front of people. Cheered my Junior and Senior year of High School, and was involved on a private cheer team as well.

Work Experience:
Southern Oregon Gymnastics Academy, Gymnastics Coach, Medford, OR.

*Instructed a number of different classes all ages and all levels.

*Motivating young people to enjoy the benefits of personal athletic achievement.

Chiropractic Assistant, 2009, Medford, OR.

*Assisted with physical examination of patients, office treatments, patient record-keeping.

*Administered physiotherapy treatments, such as diathermy, hot and cold therapy, or hydrotherapy, under the supervision of the Chiropractor.

Child Care Provider, Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS), 2008.

Extreme Juice, Medford, OR (2008-Present). Duties included: Accounting, vendor relations, and customer service.

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