Geetha Tech Resume

by Geetha


Extensive hands on experience in C/C++, ABAP, and VLSI based applications ranging from traditional applications to complex tools used in processing satellite data and academic projects. Been an innovative and creative problem solver and delivered timely solutions. Have excellent verbal, written and interpersonal skills. Work effectively as an individual and in team environment

Software Development:

Programming : C/C++, Verilog HDL,ABAP
Operating Systems : Windows XP/98/2000

HDL Skills:
Simulation : NC-Sim (Cadence), Model-Sim (Mentor Graphics), QuartusII(Altera)
Synthesis : ISE 7.1 (Xilinx), Quartus-ll (Altera), RTL Compiler (Cadence).
Physical Synthesis : First Encounter (Cadence).
and Place & Route
FPGA Implementation : Quartus-ll (Altera), ISE Webpack7.1 (Xilinx).
Schematic Editor : Virtuoso Schematic Composer (Cadence).
Simulation : Using Spectra in Analog Design Environment (Cadence).
Physical Verification : Assura (Cadence).
Layout : Virtuoso Layout Editor (Cadence).
HDL Language : Verilog HDL.

Employment History:

1. National Remote Sensing Centre/ISRO, Department Of Space, Government Of India, Hyderabad, June 09 – June 10
2. IPOG Software Technologies Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad,India, May 08 – May 09

Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers, Hyderabad, 3 Months

2003-2007 Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Communication Engineering from Sri Sai Jyothi Eng college, JNTU.

Professional Experience:.

National Remote Sensing Centre/ISRO, Department Of Space, Government Of India, Hyderabad, June 09 – june 2010

Quality Analyst

Product Quality Control
• Management and monitoring of the flow of products from production chain for data quality checking before dispatching to the users.
- Managing and monitoring flow of digital and analog products of Indian and Foreign satellite data.
- Managing the inventory of the products.
- To ensure the specifications of the products.
- Verifying and certifying of the quality of products.
- Generating status reports periodically and on demand whenever needed.
• Checking the products for various defined quality parameters based on product type.
Product Types which were checked
 Standard Digital Products
 Orthokit Digital Products
 Value Added Digital Products
 Photo Products
Quality Parameters Checked
 Image Related (PDO’s, Line Losses, BBR, Stripping, Blurring etc.)
 Product Related (No Meta File, Wrong Annotation, Wrong Product, etc…)
 Media Related( Media Not Readable )
• Hands on experience on commercial image processing software like ENVI and ERDAS apart from in-house developed software’s.
- Specifically handled the masking of satellite image data wherever needed in ENVI
- Checking of Band to Band registration and other image related parameters in ERDAS and in-house developed QC software’s.
• Coordinating with the maintenance engineers in maintaining the systems and networks in the group.
- Regular maintenance of the high –end systems.
- Maintenance of intranet and internet of the group.
- Maintenance of the application software’s.

IPOG Software Technologies Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad, May 08 – May 09

My Job Description: As junior programmer, I was responsible for
• Follow the program specifications and write code
• Bug fixes
• Assist in writing the specifications document
• System documentation

Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers, Hyderabad, 3 Months
Software Implementation of 8-bit FIR filter using Verilog HDL
The finite impulse response (FIR) filter is a filter that can be used to implement almost any sort of frequency response digitally; an FIR filter is usually implemented by using a series of delays, multipliers and address to create the filter output.
The aim of designing FIR filter is to provide exact linear phase over the whole frequency range and are always BIBO stable independent of the filter coefficients.


V Krishna Murthy
Head,Product Quality Control,
National Remote Sensing Centre,
Department of space ,Government of India.
Voice:+91 40 23884429 / 4353,

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