Governmental Intervention & Pharmaceutical Companies

by Dorina Grossu
(Ontario Canada)

Dorina Grossu

Dorina Grossu

I am supporting more Government control and intervention in the Healthcare because of following reasons:

1)People can not co-operate to control Pharmaceutical and Insurance companies which are in healthcare industry only for profit.

2)Because our body is made of organic material, it can not be fixed by computer programmers, mechanics or electrical, electronics engineers etc. therefore we need doctors, nurses, bioinformaticians, biologists etc. to develop solutions. This activity requires co-ordination and control which no other organization can provide because of the amount of money/control required.

3)If we only look at latest trend that Pharmaceutical companies have developed, instead of finding permanent solutions to certain diseases they have chosen long term medical care.

4)Insurance companies have almost bankrupt USA so; anyone thinks that they have a better system? Personally, I do not think so!
So, Government needs to lay-out a plan based on current situation, and they should be responsible to report status quo to all citizens.

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