How To Use A Covering Letter To Go After The Job Of Your Dreams

by Mario Churchill


Mario Churchill

\'Why should we hire you?\' If you\'ve been through a job interview before, there\'s a good chance you\'ve been asked this question. If you know exactly what makes you ideal and a cut above the other applicants, you should have no trouble answering this. However, if you\'re still in the process of applying for a job, how can you show your prospective employer that you are indeed right person for the job? Simple. Use a covering letter.

A covering letter, if written well, should answer that question for you. A covering letter is not just a requirement these days, it\'s also a necessary strategy for any job hunter to use. Nearly every job application letter that gets sent out today includes a covering letter, a good summary of any job hunter\'s qualifications and a foretaste of what\'s to come in his resume. This is where your selling points will be outlined, where your prospective employer will see why, of all the applicants that sent in their job application letters, you are the one they should call to meet.

What to expect from your covering letter

A covering letter is supposed to introduce you as a capable and qualified job applicant, someone who can fill the requirement set out by the hiring company and offer much more. But how does a covering letter do this?

It all begins with you. You are the subject of your covering letter, no one else. It\'s not the job you\'re applying for that your covering letter discusses, it\'s your qualifications. And you are the source of all the information you need in order to produce a covering letter that will show your prospective employer that they have a gem in their hands.

What exactly it is that a covering letter should contain?

If you want to know how a covering letter should look like, you might want to consider looking at the most current covering letter samples to find out how yours should look like. Covering letter templates can also show you a good layout of an effective covering letter. These should give you enough ideas on how your covering letter should look like.

As for the rough outline of a covering letter, here\'s how it should look like:









THE BODY OF THE LETTER - This is the part where you will explain why you\'re writing the letter and usually consists of two to three paragraphs. For the first paragraph, inform the employer what position you\'re applying for. If you\'ve researched this position, mention it here but don\'t include too many details. This is a short paragraph and should emphasize your purpose.

The second and third paragraphs will show your employer what your qualifications are. Include specific examples of why you should be considered for the job and show a match between the employer\'s needs and your skills to make it easier for them to see how relevant your background and job experience are to their organization.

For your last paragraph, mention that you have enclosed your resume. Write a direct request for an interview and include your availability dates and time. If you\'re taking a more proactive role, inform them when you will be calling to arrange for a meeting. To end this paragraph, thank the person for his time.



Enclosure: (mention what document you have enclosed, e.g., Resume)

A covering letter should be able to capture the attention of your prospective employer and show what makes you the top candidate for the job opening. Don\'t be afraid to begin writing your own now. If you feel the need to refer to covering letter samples and templates, go ahead but make sure to write a covering letter that will reflect your personality and show the hiring officer why you are the perfect person for the job.

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