Jennifer's Hospitality Resume

by Jennifer
(Somewhere in the USA)

Job Objectives: To Obtain a Full Time Position.

Highlights of Qualification:
Able to work independently.
Excellent Customer Service skills with a friendly greeting.
Team Leader with abilites to train others.
Able to work under pressure in fast paced environment.
Work cooperatively with a wide range of people.
Reliable, honest and conscientious.
Strong analytical skills, with exceptional attention to detail.
Ability to work fast and accurately.
Food and Sandwich preparation experience. High level of cleanly kitchen maintenance.
Experience with handling cash.

Employement Record:

Blue Ridge Inn
Quality Inn
Made beds.
Sanitized and clean kitchenette/bathrooms
Vacuumed, dust.
Deep cleaning of suites.

Sunset Lodge
Dietary Aide
Preparing and serving nourishing healthy meals/snacks to the residents.
Knowledgeable and expeirience in using industrial washer/dryer.
Folding and sorting linens.
Able to operate a dishwasher.

DM Cakes Etc.
Knowledgeable and experience in cashiering, able in operating and access debit/credit transaction.
Distributed baked goods to a wide variety consumer.
Supervised production of baked goods for distribution.

Other Work Related:

Tim Horton's
Cleaning Elderly Home's


Victoria High School Grade 12
Food Safe Basic Level One
Whims Program

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