Job Search Tips: How to Land More Interviews in a Bad Economy

by Robert Shindell
(Austin, TX, USA)

Did you know you can increase your job interviews in a bad economy? Does this statement sound absurd? Truly it is not.

Most people will fall into the temptation of holding on to the job they have (even if they are not really happy with it) rather than venture out into a poor economy…thinking it will garner them little result or create unnecessary risk.

You and I both know it’s easy to let fear paralyze our actions…sacrificing what we really want when we don’t think we can achieve our aim. However, let me share with you five tips to help you understand how you can start moving forward and achieving your goals now instead of later (and land more interviews in the process):

Tip #1: Start your search when your competition is at a minimum.

Quite simply, this includes committing to your job search during a “bad” economy. It can also include months like December which is actually (statistically) a good time to begin a job search – another time when your competition is often absent.

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**Article courtesy of and Mary Elizabeth Bradford.

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Dec 22, 2010
Job Search Tip
by: Anonymous

That Job Search tip was spot on...disappointed that you teased us with providing only ONE tip. I hope to read the other job search tips soon. Thanks...

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