Medical Social Worker Resume

by Thamilchelvan "Dharshan" Theivendramoorthy
(Oakland, CA, USA)


Thamilchelvan "Dharshan" Theivendramoorthy

*Interpreter and Medical Social worker, Bangkok Refugee Center, 2007-2009, Bangkok, Thailand
*Translated for hospital patients
*Provided medicine and assisted in the family planning project
*Provided financial and health assistance to refugees

Area Coordinator, CARE International 2002-2006- Batticaloa, Sri Lanka, Tsunami Development Program

Tsunami Assistance Volunteer, CARE International, 2005, Ampara District, Sri Lanka

Mass Media Institute of Ceylon, Certified, 2004
Batticaloa, Sri Lanka
Hindu College, Graduated, 2001, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka
G.C.E A/L. in Arts Sri Lanka

Excellent communication skills
Friendly and outgoing personality
Experience in sales
Experience in film development
Basic computer skills
Multilingual: English (fluent), Tamil (fluent), Singhalese (proficient), Thai (proficient)

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