Natural Remedies Can
Heal the Healthy Way

by Glacial

(NewsUSA) - When you have a cold, do you head for the pharmacy or do you bundle up, brew some herbal tea or take a supplement and wait it out? If you choose the latter you're not alone: Studies show that more than one-third of Americans use natural remedies for what ails them.

Natural and herbal treatments have been around for centuries and are experiencing a resurgence as people look for safer, healthier ways to deal with common ailments.

One widely used natural remedy is noni, a Polynesian fruit also known as the Indian mulberry. Noni, eaten or consumed as a juice, has a reputation for warding off the effects of aging as well as tuberculosis and other illnesses. All parts of the fruit are used: The stem, bark and leaves are crushed and strained to make an elixir for urinary tract problems, and the fruit can be applied to cuts to accelerate healing.

Noni leaves are good for brewing a restorative tea, but noni is also available in liquid form through supplement manufacturers such as Innovative Technologies Corporation of America Inc. Adding a small amount to smoothies or juice is an easy way to include it in your daily diet.

ITC's noni liquid supplement has a 51 percent base of pure noni juice and is fortified with over 130 nutrients, including plant source minerals, essential vitamins and antioxidants.

Another common remedy is aloe, which is popular not only in North America, but also Asia, where chunks of aloe are consumed as a snack or blended into yogurt or consumed as juice. Aloe is a succulent with thick, fleshy leaves that when sliced open yield a thick, slightly cloudy gel.

Rich in anti-inflammatory substances, aloe gel is most often used as a topical treatment for first-degree burns and sunburns as well as psoriasis, among other skin problems. Its use dates back to at least 1500 B.C. as described by Egyptian healers. The most effective form of aloe is the plant itself, which can be found in most nurseries.

Used in ancient Chinese medicine for centuries, ginseng root is well known for enhancing energy and endurance. Taken as a tea, ginseng can be used to counteract the effects of stress. Recent studies have shown that taken regularly, ginseng inhibits the growth of certain cancer cells.

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