Performance Based Interviewing

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Performance Based Interviewing (PBI) is a method to increase the effectiveness of the interviewing process in selecting and promoting quality staff. Here are several examples of what you should expect:

Describe a situation in which you had to use your communication skills in presenting complex information.
How did you determine whether your message was received? (With the original question you are assuming the person did understand.)

Share with me an example of an important personal goal that you set, and explain how you accomplished it.
Lead me through a decision-making process on a major project you?ve completed.

Have you ever had many different tasks given to you at the same time? How did you manage these?

Give an example of a time you had to make a difficult decision.

Level I?Frontline staff; Level II? Supervisors, Team Leaders, Work Unit Leaders, those who lead the work of a natural group of people; Level III?These Mid-level managers; Level IV?Executive leaders.

Level Type PBI
I Creative Thinking Tell me about two suggestions you have made to your supervisor in the past year. How did you come up with the ideas? What happened? How do you feel about the way things went?

II Creative Thinking Tell me about a time when a co-worker had a good idea and you agreed but no one else was willing to listen. How did you handle the situation and what was the outcome?

III Creative Thinking What projects have you started on your own? Why did you start the projects? What did you learn from doing the projects? What were the results?

IV Creative Thinking Describe a creative endeavor you can take ownership for that impacted on the efficiency or effectiveness of your organization.

I Customer Service Give a specific example of a time when you had to deal with an angry customer. What was the problem and what was the outcome? What was your role in diffusing the situation?

II Customer Service In your current job, who are your internal and external customers? Specifically, how do you get satisfaction feedback from your internal customers? Specifically, how do you get satisfaction feedback from your external customers?

III Customer Service Give an example to illustrate how you have improved the experience of 1) your internal customers, and 2) your external customers. How did you determine improvement was needed and how have you determined the effectiveness of the improvement.

IV Customer Service In the past, how have you obtained and incorporated customer feedback into your organization?s planning and service standards? Give specific examples.

I Flexibility/Adaptability Describe a change in your work you have personally had to make in the last couple years. At the time, how did you feel about making the change? What did you do to make the change?

II Flexibility/Adaptability Tell me about a time when you had to deal with two very different employees that could not be treated the same way. How did you deal with each? How did you decide what you were going to do?

III Flexibility/Adaptability Describe a major change you have made in the past two years. How did you accomplish the change? What difficulties did you encounter and how did you work through the difficulties? What personal factors assisted you in making the change?

IV Flexibility/Adaptability Describe a time when you were faced with an obstacle to an important project? What did you do? Were you able to overcome the obstacle?

I Interpersonal Effectiveness Give a specific example of a time you had to deal with an upset co-worker, patient, or other customer. What was the person upset about and how did you handle?

II Interpersonal Effectiveness How do you go about explaining a complex technical problem to a person who does not understand the technical jargon? What approach do you take in commuicating with people who do not know the technical jargon?

III Interpersonal Effectiveness Explain a specific situation where you met resistance from your staff or work group about a directive that was mandated. Explain your role by describing dialogue related to the situation. Specifically what measures did you incorporate? What did you learn about group resistance?

IV Interpersonal Effectiveness Tell me about a meeting in which you had to tell others things they did not want to hear. How did you communicate those ideas to them? What was the result of that communication? If you could do it again, is there anything you would change in what you communicated, or the way in which you communicated it?

I Organizational Stewardship Give two examples of things you've done in previous jobs that demonstrate your willingness to work hard.

II Organizational Stewardship Describe a time when you worked as a member of a team to accomplish a goal of your organization. What role did you play? Describe how the team worked together. What was the outcome?

III Organizational Stewardship Describe a time when one of your staff or your work team was working below work expectations. What was your response? How did the other party/parties respond? What was the ultimate outcome?

IV Organizational Stewardship What experience have you had implementing reorganizations or change in an organization? How did you do this? What were the challenges and regrets?

I Personal Mastery Tell us about a job or setting where great attention to detail was required to complete a task. What steps were involved? How did you handle that situation?

II Personal Mastery Developing and using a detailed procedure is often very important in a job. Tell about a time when you needed to develop and use a detailed procedure to successfully complete a project.

III Personal Mastery Specifically, what are you doing to keep up with changing concepts in healthcare management? What attributes do you possess that make you able to keep up with the times? Give an example to convince me that you can keep up with these changing, chaotic times.

IV Personal Mastery Tell me about a specific time you sought specific feedback on your performance from subordinates. Specifically, how did you use the feedback? Cite specific changes resulting from the feedback?

I Systems Thinking Tell me about a time when you had to take on extra duties or make some other sacrifice (such as changing your duty hours) in order for an overall improvement in the service of your unit to its customers to occur. How did you feel about making the change? What did you say to co-workers and supervisors about the change?

II Systems Thinking Tell me about a specific time when others in your work group were having difficulty understanding how their work interfaced with the work of other units, and the impact changes they made had on those other work groups. What specific things did you do to assist your co-workers to better understand the relationship of your work to that of others in the organization?

III Systems Thinking Describe a change you are responsible for that improved the performance of your work area or organization. How did: 1) you come up with the idea for the change, 2) you go about implementing the change, 3) staff respond to the change, and 4) you measure the outcome of the change? In looking back, what things would you do differently?

IV Systems Thinking Tell me about a specific decision that you made within your organization that had unexpected consequences outside your organization. How did you deal with those consequences?

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